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Florida Business Consulting Promote NYC Growth Competition

Press release   •   Jul 09, 2018 12:36 BST

Managing Director at Florida Business Consulting, Eric Martin has announced the firm is running a contest to travel to the big apple to explore the sights of the city and spend time with some of the top professionals in the country.

Florida Business Consulting: About the company

The recent recipient of the Comeback Business Owner of the Year Award, at the Southeast Regional Industry Awards in Jacksonville, Mr. Martin has made travel a priority in past months. In May, Mr. Martin took to the road to spend time at the firm’s Orlando and Jacksonville locations to oversee the daily operations and aide expansion plans. Later that month, the award-winning entrepreneur traveled to the UK for a week-long trip, during which time he attended the UK 2018 sales and marketing awards. On the international trip, Mr. Martin had the opportunity to connect with fellow business owners and spend time shadowing their business operations.Mr. Martin hailed the trip as a huge success, and he is putting travel on the agenda for the firm’s growth competition.

Mr. Martin outlined the parameters for the competition, which is centered around growth. The business owner revealed that he had received an invite from one of the most high profile sales and marketing professionals in the US to travel to New York City. Mr. Martin decided to turn the trip into a competition, and he will be bringing the two winning representatives to accompany him on an all expenses paid trip.

There will be a points system which will be judged on the number of sales, application of advice and guidance and the progression of business development.There will be two winners who will have the chance to accompany Mr. Martin on the trip to New York.

Mr. Martin believes that competition can have significant benefits and plays a crucial role in strong company culture. The award-winning entrepreneur thinks that there are three advantages to competition.

1. Productivity

The business owner argues that when people have an incentive to work towards, they work harder and overcome obstacles to ensure they get the job done, and as a result productivity levels increase.

2. Morale

Mr. Martin is proud of the recognition and reward culture they have developed at Florida Business Consulting, and he believes that culture has resulted in boosted morale. The business owner argues morale is vital to creating an engaged and loyal workforce.

3. Winning Mentality

Mr. Martin believes that developing a winning mentality is integral to business success. The director of Florida Business Consulting believes that competition helps people to unleash their competitive edge and develop a winning attitude.

Established in 2011, Florida Business Consulting is a privately held marketing and fundraising services company in Downtown Miami, FL. The New York trip is planned for July with a date to be confirmed. Mr. Martin is excited to see who steps up during the competition and will be announcing the winners on the firm’s social media.


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