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Florida Business Consulting put pressure on entrepreneurs to commit to development

Press Release   •   Jan 09, 2018 16:17 GMT

Miami-based direct sales and marketing expert, Florida Business Consulting, has firmly established itself as a market leader in the US, with a market reach spanning seven states. The company's Managing Director, Eric Martin believes that is due to its commitment to developing its workforce and is putting pressure on aspiring entrepreneurs to commit to their own development.

About the firm:

Mr Martin is an advocate of entrepreneurship, and he is urging entrepreneurs to commit to development to accelerate their career. At Florida Business Consulting, the agency offers on-going opportunities for its professionals to develop their knowledge and skill-set, helping them to acquire new skills that set them up for future success. Mr Martin is a firm believer that education is the secret to success and that a willingness to continue to learn is critical for entrepreneurs.

2017 was a phenomenal year at Florida Business Consulting, seeing the firm add to its client portfolio, and expand its market reach. The company has high expectations for 2018, and there has been a current theme to the firm’s meetings, with topics revolving around education and development. The passionate business coach and mentor argues that if every aspiring entrepreneur capitalised on the opportunity to educate themselves outside of the office environment and develop their weaknesses, they would become unstoppable.

As a business with substantial growth goals, at Florida Business Consulting the firm is consistently looking for the next wave of talented and ambitious individuals who can help to take the business forward. The company assists and encourages its professionals to continue learning to allow them to grow both personally and professionally. The firm pledges to support and guide budding entrepreneurs through optional workshops and seminars, attendance at industry conferences, and a portfolio of networking connections of the industries top performers.

“It’s impossible to know everything, and the only way to get to the top and stay there, is to keep learning,” commented Mr Martin. The award-winning entrepreneur believes that if people want to progress and develop, then it is essential that they continue to look for ways to improve themselves, seeking out opportunities that will assist in their business development.

Florida Business Consulting operates in an industry that is highly competitive and to stay ahead of the competition, it must consistently innovate, and this is something it does through development. Managing Director, Eric Martin has been emphasizing to the firm’s workforce how crucial it is to keep moving forward and not to become stagnant. “Business is similar to sport if you want to win you have to be the best, and you can only be the best through continued learning and a commitment to development,” commented Mr Martin.

Eric Martin: Managing Director 

Florida Business Consulting provides clients with a face to face marketing and fundraising force through business to business, business to consumer, and even retail channels. The goal at FBC is to increase clients' customer base and retention in our represented markets in Florida, Texas, and Georgia.