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Florida Business Consulting urge aspiring professionals to adopt the money making habits of the hugely successful.

Press Release   •   Jan 04, 2018 17:03 GMT

Miami-based direct sales and marketing specialists,  Florida Business Consulting are urging aspiring professionals to adopt the money making habits of the  highly successful to progress their career.

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Direct sales and marketing specialists, Florida Business Consulting, creates unique in-person marketing campaigns to strengthen their client’s brand awareness and increase customer acquisitions. The Miami-based firm’s business model has been strategically designed to ensure adequate time can be dedicated to the development of their workforce. Their development programme includes entrepreneurial education and guidance on day to day professional responsibilities. As advocates of entrepreneurship, the firm offers business training and mentoring by giving ongoing support to individuals looking to establish a prosperous future in the marketing industry.

Managing Director of Florida Business Consulting, Eric Martin is a passionate business coach and mentor, who devotes much of his time to guiding aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs. MD Eric Martin educates himself from other successful entrepreneurs and the habits that they stick by to ensure success. Successful individuals such as Tony Robbins, Sara Blakely and Mark Cuban have inspired Eric Martin on his entrepreneurial journey. Some of the habits the MD has followed from them include:

Have an undeniable commitment to achieve. All successful people start with a dream that is only limited by the person’s mind. Once those limitations have been dissolved, the goal must be the single desire that is focussed on, until it has been achieved.

Always be a student. Knowledge makes a person influential, and successful people will keep their minds open and never stop learning. Maintain focused on the goal while building knowledge and skills.

Visualize success. If a person can imagine it, then with hard work and determination, they can achieve it. Visualization will keep the mind focused on the end goal because it allows the mind to enjoy the emotional benefits of success.

Be persistent. Success does not come overnight, and it is essential to have the willpower to turn a dream into a reality. Failures are not the end; they are just part of the journey.