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Flyinglow – Debut Album from Sweden's New Deep Electronica Artist

Press release   •   Jun 09, 2017 17:19 BST

Following the well-received single 'Clockwork' this spring, Flyinglow brings us a fresh, yet classic, deep, Scandinavian electronica sound with today’s self-titled album debut.

After The Knife’s iconic Silent Shout album some ten years ago, Scandinavian electronica has become synonymous with the uplifting, pop-infused EDM sound developed by the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Avicii and Kygo, but the last few years have seen an increasing number of dark and deep electronic artists come out of the region.
Following the release of the single 'Clockwork', Flyinglow now releases his first album. The 7 track electronic debut is a dynamic work of electronica balancing on the thin line between slightly experimental shoegaze and pure pop aesthetic.

About Flyinglow

Behind the moniker, we find the Swedish Uppsala-based musician Joel Gabrielsson. Joel has a very international backgound. He grew up in Singapore, studied at the School of Movement and Performance in Finland and in 2009 relocated to Ukraine for a couple of years. It was during this time that his interest in composing music started taking a more prominent role.

He was particularly interested in electro-acoustic and ambient music, and began to experiment with sounds, textures and electronics in his home studio. The following years were spent fronting the drone-pop band Toys in the Well and performing venues around Europe.

After moving back to Sweden, into a small cottage in the countryside, Joel began to develop a new, solo recording project. The result is Flyinglow, an electronic sound perhaps best described as Scandinavian, drawing inspiration from fellow Swedish artists like The Knife and Little Dragon.

About the Album

This self-titled debut album brings together the artist's eclectic interests in music. It continues the slightly of-kilter electronica style of the first single 'Clockwork' while broadening Flyinglows sound distinctively, giving room for more down-tempo tracks, ambient tendencies and even Neo-folk influences ( 'Evolved').
The entire recording process of the album took well over a year to complete.
Joel has both written the songs, recorded, and produced the tracks on his own, a process that has allowed him both the creative space to develop the sound in a direction he wanted as well as time to find meaning within the songs. Each track is part of a self-reflecting journey where existential questions are grappled with.

Intitally, the intention was to record something more acoustic, but early on in the process as he began to apply sequencers and synthesizers to the songs it propelled him in a different direction. Many of the tracks distinctively use poly-rhytms, most notably Clockwork, Amber, and Evolved, creating an energetic yet down-tempo sound. The two vocalists Sofia Gabrielsson ('Comet and Evolved') and Marie Bergling ('Amber') appear on a few tracks providing vocal contrast and depth to the album.

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Contact & Press Info

Clockwork is coming out on the record label Substream out of Gothenburg – a label known for such electronica artists as Worakls, Baynk and Hello Beddo. For questions, interviews, features, promo for review. Flyinglow is available for radio interviews, guest blog appearances on request.

Contact person: Hakan Ludvigson, +46-733-101-808Email: press [AT] substream [DOT] se

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