Imperial Machining Company (IMC)

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Press Release   •   Feb 07, 2010 12:23 GMT

What do a glass of Champagne at the Ritz in Paris, a celebratory beer in Manchester United’s bar and a bag of chips from your local chippy have in common?

The chances are they were all prepared with catering equipment designed and created by IMC in Wrexham.

With a portfolio that includes the new F1 Circuit bar in Dubai, the 02 Dome and the Queen Mary 2, it’s clear that eating and drinking are serious business for IMC.

The 103-year old company had always had a Welsh manufacturing base at Shotton as well as a plant in the South East of London and a small base in Germany. But three yearsago they decided to centralise their operation in Wales.

The reason? A guaranteed supply of skilled employees.

“The major driver was the lack of staff with the skills we needed in the South East of England. And we knew we had a younger age group in Shotton,” explains managing director Tim Tindle.

“I knew if we moved up here there would be a good bunch of people and a building was available that suited our needs.”

In 2005, IMC bought premises on Wrexham’s Industrial Estate, added a 20,000 sq foot extension, transferred its workforce from nearby Shotton and closed the London and Germany branches.

“We considered moving to China or Eastern Europe but the machines we make are highly individual and are all built to order,” says Tim. “We export over 40 per cent of our products goods but with nearly 60 per cent of orders coming from theUK we wanted to stay close to that market.”

IMC began life in 1906 making potato peelers and later supplied these to the Tommies in the trenches of the First World War.

Their 21st century version of that peeler and the chippers that followed can be found in places as diverse as cruise liners, warships, the Queen Mary ll, in prisons and on army bases and shortly on the UK’s two new aircraft carriers.

Oh, and in your local chippy, of course…

They’re the market leader in commercial waste disposal in western Europe, with systems for small cafes right up to those that can process 10,000 meals a day, and provide the stainless steel bar systems that can be found everywhere from premier league football grounds to 5 star hotels and bars around the world.

With some of the finest bar equipment around there is no shortage of places to raise a celebratory glass

Market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of professional catering and bar equipment.

IMC is a UK manufacturer of state of the art commercial catering and back bar equipment, with a reputation lasting over 100 years for providing quality, innovation, reliability and exceptional service. IMC’s range is one of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced in the market place and as part of the Lincat Group, IMC is committed to a policy of continuous investment, constant product innovation and providing a premium level of service to all of our customers.

Designed to perform, engineered to last………