Force8 launch scheme to protect against 'lock snapping' burglaries

Press release   •   Mar 12, 2012 13:08 GMT

Stockport-based purveyors of quality windows and doors Force8 have launched a programme to help people protect themselves from the recent spate of 'lock snapping' burglaries; which you might have seen on BBC's The One Show this week.

Police recently revealed that a quarter of all burglaries in West Yorkshire are committed by criminals employing the 'lock snapping' technique, which involves applying force and snapping the cylinder of a lock in two.

West Yorkshire Police also said that those with euro cylinder locks were most at risk from those using the technique; in fact, figures for December 2011 show that 27% of all burglaries committed across the UK involved lock snapping on euro cylinder locks.

The cylinder locks are fitted to the double glazed doors, often UPVC, of millions of properties around the country.

West Yorkshire Police Chief Superintendent Paul Money said: "These locks are vulnerable to this type of attack but it can take between 50 seconds and two minutes to force the lock.

"What we want to do is ensure that the new British standard locks are a lot stronger and can resist attack."

In response to this, Force8 have announced a scheme to counter burglaries of this type; they will now provide barrel replacements for just £49.

By applying clever strengthening devices to the weakest points of the lock, Force8 are able to greatly delay, and in many cases, completely stop criminals from 'popping' the lock.

Dennis Sumner, managing director at Force8, said: "There is no doubt Force8's composite doors are the most secure and stylish around.

"This is confirmed by our list of trade customers, their number over two thousand in Britain and Europe."

He added: "We are pleased to be able to help more people than ever before with their security, especially with an issue like lock snapping which can make people feel powerless to protect themselves in their own home. Our new innovation ensures the safety of our customers' houses with very little cost indeed."

Force8 are based in Stockport, with offices up and down the country specialising in different types of highly-secure composite doors, from stable doors and cottage doors for homes, to doors for those with more specific requirements such as fire doors, along with providing services to secure existing doors such as their new barrel replacements.