Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Foreign Secretary comments ahead of Egyptian elections

Press Release   •   Nov 28, 2011 09:22 GMT

Foreign Secretary William Hague: I congratulate the people of Egypt as they go to the polls.

Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s elections the Foreign Secretary William Hague said:

"Earlier this year the people of Egypt rose up against their former regime demanding dignity, democracy and social justice. They have also made clear that they look to a transition to a democratically elected civilian-led government as quickly as possible.  Egypt’s first free parliamentary elections, which begin tomorrow, are a significant step in this transition.

"I congratulate the people of Egypt as they go to the polls. I urge the Egyptian authorities to ensure that these elections are free from violence, fair and credible.  What happens in Egypt will be crucial for the whole region and the world will be watching closely in the days and months ahead.

"We look forward to working with a fully representative Egyptian Parliament once it is elected. I also encourage the Egyptian authorities to ensure that the new Government, which is currently being formed, is inclusive and enjoys broad support. This Government, and the new Parliament, must have the authority to take actions to restore confidence in the political transition and foster economic recovery. The unrest of recent days shows the scale of the challenges which Egypt’s political system must address including the need to build full respect for human rights."