​FORESTGLOW mulled wine with a Swedish twist now in the UK

Press Release   •   Oct 28, 2016 11:56 BST

FORESTGLOW mulled wine is a new exciting drink with a Swedish twist. FORESTGLOW can easily be consumed at events, parties, get togethers at home, in restaurants and bars.

"The idea to create a mulled wine blend with Swedish forest flavours has been brewing for many years", says Camilla Öhrn Collyer who is the founder and owner of FORESTGLOW. Camilla Öhrn Collyer grew up in rural Sweden has lived in London since 1994.

"I studied traditional Swedish recipes and added my own ideas. I wanted to introduce this special drink to the British, with focus on taste, tradition and trend. I wanted to add a modern twist and bold flavours to this old drink."

A premium mulled wine has been lacking in the UK market until now. FORESTGLOW is a handcrafted fortified mulled wine made from carefully selected ingredients.

FORESTGLOW has been developed with the aim of creating a proper blend with lot's of taste. The taste is achieved by using a perfectly balanced recipe of wine, spices, natural aromas of fruit and berries and peel, blended, rested and bottled in the small Swedish village of Malmköping.

FORESTGLOW comes in two varieties, Lingonberry and Citrus. They are both medium sweet full-bodied mulled wines. The Lingonberry variety has soft tones of spicy dark fruit, blackcurrant and cardamom whilst Citrus is slightly lighter on the palate with tones of orange peel and clove.

Camilla Öhrn Collyer explains that the magical taste of FORESTGLOW mulled wines is skillfully created in a little Swedish red cottage where a small team is working closely with Camilla on her ideas on tastes and scents. The label design is designed by Camilla and is based on a painting by talented British artist Alice Shirley. The UK team consists of Camilla and her assistant Sophia Gelibter.

"I'm so lucky be surrounded by such an amazing team. I would never have been able to create quality FORESTGLOW without these talented people", says Camilla Öhrn Collyer.

The flavours of FORESTGLOW are influenced by the beauty of Swedish forests and fields and are inspired by Camilla's roots in South America and her upbringing in the Swedish village of Hällefors in the Bergslagen region of Sweden. The region is known for its wildlife, deep forests and many lakes, as well as for it's culinary heritage with some of Sweden's most famous restaurants and well renowned School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts & Meal Science in the neighbouring village of Grythyttan.

"The forests around Hällefors and Grythyttan are filled with wild blueberries and lingonberries and this is where I get my inspiration", says Camilla. "I want FORESTGLOW to be a reflection of tradition and heritage, but have a bold and a truly modern interpretation in its flavour".

FORESTGLOW mulled wines are available to purchase in TotallySwedish. There are two London stores (32 Crawford Street, London W1 and 66 Barnes High Street, London SW13) and online.

Other UK outlets include:The online store, Freyja’s Wine and the award winning Blackerhall Farm Shop.

In the coming weeks FORESTGLOW mulled wines will be available to sample and purchase at the following events, as well as a number of Christmas markets (details to follow).

27-30 October: The Telegraph Ski and Snowboard show.

December: VIP Christmas shopping for VIP members of Ten UK group at Bicester village.

19 November: FORESTGLOW mulled wine tasting at TotallySwedish, 32 Crawford Street, London W1.


Please contact FORESTGLOW for more information: