Magnatech LED (UK)

Forget everything you learned before, meet the Galaxy bulb!

Press Release   •   Jun 10, 2013 13:55 BST

Magnatech LED announced it a few months ago, now it`s here! the Galaxy Bulb have arrived in the market! and the specifications announced then were way below the truth. When it was announced to reach 800 Lumens for the 9 watts version, the first version is reaching 850 Lumens with a CRI superior to 80 and over 900 Lumens for CRI of 70. The new cold forged case will keep the temperature below critical to insure a 35.000 hours lifetime and all that in the size of a standard light bulb. That is without counting the fact that the Galaxy is offering a beam angle of 300 degrees. In a simple word, the Galaxy ends the era of the simple traditional LED bulb and leads the real LED REVOLUTION!

Magnatech LED is already announcing its 10 watts version which will replace a 75 Watts standard bulb but for now, the Galaxy bulb is already available for the European Market so there is no more doubt to have, the Galaxy is unmatched at all level and Magnatech LED confirms once again its leading position in the LED industry! Simply Brilliant!