Forty-five and gaga!

Press Release   •   Jul 02, 2012 16:56 BST

An insight into business gained through 30 years experience.

This is a thought-provoking, controversial and, at times, humorous review of business practices, good and bad and how we can be smarter in business today.

Having been made redundant at the ripe old age of 45, David Hunt was told he was too old to get another job in sales or marketing in the IT industry.

So, what happens when a businessman reaches that magical age of 45? Does a dramatic change suddenly take place? Does a man (or woman) suddenly no longer understand how business operates? Can he no longer sell or represent his company? Does he lose the power of coherent thought or speech? Are his limbs no longer under the strict control of his brain? Does he become, in effect, gaga?

David Hunt has since (for 14+years) been providing transition and transformation leadership for businesses large and small. Sometimes acting as an interim manager (executive temp), sometimes providing management guidance and consultancy, but always adding value to his client’s businesses.

This book represents observations and learnings from 30+years working with senior managers in the UK, Europe and USA. It includes first-hand experience of how some businesses have managed well, or mis-managed, their way out of recession.

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