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Fossil Jacqueline Quartz Women’s Watch | Best Timepiece for Modern Generations

Press Release   •   Aug 08, 2017 08:07 BST

Fossil Jacqueline Quartz Women’s WatchClassic meets the Modern

A classic watch is expected to be on the smaller side but no such bar has been imposed on classic designs so far. Else, the Fossil Jacqueline Quartz Women’s Watch wouldn’t be here. Complying with the modern proportion preferences, the artful construction of the Fossil Jacqueline Quartz Women’s Watch inspires a certain girly charm, which becomes the Jacqueline’s signature. The chic three-hand movement and the ‘Luxe tan on the leather strap gives femininity a classic twist. The finest materials polished to perfection, this functional, fashion artifact of steel and leather is the finishing touch to any outfit.

More things about Jacqueline

The Fossil Jacqueline Quartz Women’s Watch is an essential addition to turn dressing a flawless affair. The refined aesthetics throw a sophisticated spin on this ladylike-classic, making it an elegant and unique wrist-wear for women who want minimalism to be presented at its finest. An understated everyday wear with a vintage look, the Fossil Jacqueline freshens-up heritage by making it flirt with femininity. Its artistic beauty fits the tomboy even for its hint of glam in its classic and modern touches.

Jacqueline is for…

Ladies who take the hurdles of everyday working life shall find the Jacqueline not just hardy but a versatile accessory to impart any outfit with individuality. Extravagant or dressed-down, the Fossil Jacqueline Quartz Women’s Watch charmingly underlines the wearer’s personality; it’s an important criterion upon which your entire stylistic preference depends upon. It’s more than just a decorative accessory reflecting current trends.

Prime points

i. Tasteful looks! This is not common for a watch meant for everyday use. Others that offer this aspect wear a higher price tag.
ii. Less weight due to intelligent material selection.
iii. Highly accurate. The Japanese quartz movements of Fossil Women Watches are sturdy, reliable and low in battery consumption.
iv. Legible dial design. When outdoors, there’s no time to take long, hard looks to check the time; only short, quick glances. The sharp, bright and distinctly marked dial is both easy to read and clean to look at.
v. Being scratch-resistant, the Fossil Jacqueline Quartz Women’s Watch shall retain its looks. Only intentional abuse and an absence of minimum care (occasional wipes with damp and dry cloths) will affect its longevity negatively.
vi. Fits any kind of attire and built; from sporty to elegant.

Bottom line:

Reliable, accurate and sportingly elegant, the Fossil Jacqueline Watch is an essential accessory to go with any kind of outfit for any occasion. Not overtly flashy, neither gaudy – the clean lines of the Fossil Jacqueline Quartz Women’s Watch makes it the right model that’s well-balanced in both form and color. With an appropriately matched leather strap, it lifts the limits of sartorial imaginations and brings a light, sporty touch that radiates confidence and elegance.

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