Franking Machines Postage Meters – What You Need to Know

Press Release   •   Oct 19, 2010 15:46 BST

Many of us use stamps on a daily basis. There’s a certain satisfaction in attaching a portrait of your monarch or president to an envelope or package and confidently sending it off on its way. We’ve been doing it since Victorian times afterall. But when time is tighter and your packages heavier, stamping mail is not always so straightforward. Whilst it’s easy to calculate the correct amount of postage for a parcel when you have a scale, quite often you’ll find you’re missing the right number or the right kind of stamps and will inevitably end-up having to pop-out to purchase more - and not always at the most convenient of times. This is clearly more of a concern when it comes to business post, where leaving the office to collect stamps isn’t a good use of staff time and when the whole business of sifting through and attaching stamps can be very time-consuming indeed. But many will still take one look at a franking machine and decide that it isn’t for them. How can such an ordinary-looking ‘plastic box’ make such a difference to the way we handle our post? Well the truth is that while a franking machine can’t make your business the next Apple or Microsoft by itself, it really can transform the way you handle mail – permanent access to postal credit down a phone-line or internet connection, rapid frank printing technology and multiple additional branding options. You can never run out of stamps, nor can you affix the wrong combination and most importantly of all, you really can ensure your mail stands out. What’s more, franking brings with it enormous cost benefits – savings of as much as 35% on some items. Here, we provide you with an outline of the advantages of franking your mail as opposed to conventional stamping, information on the latest UK franking rates and some description of those extra benefits the modern franking machine can supply.

Record Low 2010 Postage Rates for Franked Mail/Franking Prices with Royal Mail

First of all – price. When posting/shipping mail from your company, using conventional stamping can be very expensive indeed. By franking your mail with a franking machine, not only can you eliminate the minutes and cumulative hours and days of staff time that’s spent affixing numerous stamps and of course the thankless task of leaving the office to regularly top-up your supply, but you’re also able to take advantage of a much better price from Royal Mail when compared with conventional stamping.
Since April 2009, Royal Mail customers using franking machines have been able to capitalise on some truly substantial discounts. But in April 2010, Royal Mail made the lure of the franking machine truly irresistible, with even bigger reductions on the price of franked mail:

2010 Franking Machines/Franked – Stamp/Price Saving

  • 5p on a 1st class letter (41p stamp price)
  • 7p on a 2nd class letter
  • 14p on a 1st class large letter
  • 94p on a 1st class 2kg parcel

2009 Franking Machines/Franked Mail – Stamp/Price Saving

  • 3p on every 1st class letter (39p stamp price)
  • 5p on every 2nd class letter
  • 11p on every 1st large letter
  • 89p on every 2Kg parcel

The Business Case for Franking Machines/Franked Mail

Truly Streamlining Your Mailroom Operation: With franking machines, much less staff time is required in the everyday handling of your company mail. First of all, the franking machine eliminates those regular journeys to replenish your supply of stamps as well as the additional time that is spent queuing up to speak with an attendant to ensure you get the right type and the correct quantity. Through a phone or internet connection which comes as standard on most of today’s franking machines, you can purchase the correct amount of postal credit and at the considerably discounted rates as outlined above, without even moving an inch. Of course, there’s also the minutes and hours saved which would usually be spent attaching stamps, something which many of us find laborious at the best of times. When franking envelopes, the operator is simply required to slide each under the franking machine print head, which will rapidly imprint your envelope with an permanent postal mark. If franking a parcel, when combined with a dynamic scale, your franking machine can automatically adjust and print a franked label to the correct value for the weight of your package. In summary, a franking machine really allows an organisation to redirect staff time away from the mailroom and onto more important tasks.
All Mail/Shipping Accurately Priced: As almost all franking machines today are permanently connected via the internet or a phone-line as described above and will automatically update the correct mailing/shipping prices, you’ll never find yourself incorrectly pricing your postage. As many franking machines come with an integrated dynamic scale, even when you’re franking heavier items, you can rest assured they should safely arrive safely at their intended destinations.

Truly Adding Value into Your Mail/Postage

Not only does the franking machine provide you with all those benefits as outline above – quicker, easier and more affordable mailing – but by franking your mail rather than using conventional stamps, you’re building-in enormous value and really showing-off your business in the best possible light from a branding point of view. Anybody in the world of marketing would tell you that every single word you put out there, every thing you say, really matters to your business. Just look at the websites you visit most often. Even the smallest of elements, such as the Favicon, the tiny brand mark displayed by the web address or at the top of the browser tab, gives a company or organisation the valuable chance to assert itself. Almost all of the franking machines on the market today offer at least some basic customisation, personalisation or branding options. Typically, entry-level franking machines will enable organisations to imprint their company logo onto franked mail which is a truly fantastic way to build-up brand awareness. More advanced franking machines will also provide the option of adding in a company logo or slogan and a lot of the time a short text message as well, so you can ensure your customers and stakeholders are kept in the loop about any recent developments and/or special offers/promotions.

Franking machines have been available from www.falcon.co.uk for a number of years now and their dedicated franking staff can advise anyone wishing to make the transition from stamped mail to the franked mail alternative.