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Frayetta - A Film Driven by More Than Just Sales

Press release   •   May 20, 2014 16:12 BST

We all know that domestic violence is something that we should take seriously, but do we honestly take it seriously enough? Whilst many of us know that domestic violence does take place we always assume that it won't happen to us or anyone we know. We tend to all see ourselves as strong individuals who wouldn't put up with such a thing - but that is far easier said than done.

It is easy to talk about the fact that if someone was violent to us we would walk away, but if that is the case then why do so many people fall victim to such violent behaviour? Because often domestic violence forms part of a much bigger and complex picture which makes it so much harder to leave. There are 12.9 million incidents of domestic violence in the UK each year, much of which goes unreported.  This shocking issue will be explored in more detail by film maker Alan Entwistle in his latest project, due to start filming this summer.

Raising Awareness

A new film which faces the issues of domestic violence head on is in the implementation stage and it is already causing quite a stir. Frayetta ( is a short film that is being developed in order to help raise awareness of real life domestic violence situations. Written by noted director Alan Entwistle, the film explores the story of a young woman seeking to escape a violent relationship. The producers will soon be asking for backing and involvement from people all over the world as part of a Crowdfunding initiative to get this important story told. Entwistle explains: “Domestic violence is often a hidden issue, behind closed doors and rarely talked about. However the statistics around the number of people affected each year are shocking, which is why I decided to make this film – to raise awareness of such a terrible crime and to help people understand, and hopefully help, those involved”.

With filming due to start in August, the time to get involved in this project is now. The team behind Frayetta will be holding castings throughout July, and so are calling for anyone interested in the film or the subject of domestic violence to contact them via the Frayetta website.

The History of Frayetta

The film idea was developed by Entwistle, when some years ago he heard about a girl that he went to school with stabbing her husband. “I just couldn’t get what happened out of my head, and I felt something needed to be done to shed light onto this situation” explains Entwistle.  It shows a journey of a women who needed to get out of a situation and did so in the worst way possible.

Once production is finished, Entwistle intends to showcase the film at international film festivals. It is hoped that as a result of this TV exposure will also be offered, which is essential for raising awareness of such an important issue.

Once all of this is done they'll be working with domestic violence charities to help them raise funds to fight violence against women throughout the world.

The Aim

As Alan says, "Raising awareness of domestic violence against women and the extremes they have to go to in order to get out of a violent situation is essential. All too often these issues are overlooked and I want to bring them all to the forefront of our minds so we know what we're dealing with". The whole film explores the issue of 'why didn't she just leave?' which the team hopes will be an interesting way to explore the project and get viewer’s attention.

The Crew

Alan Entwistle is driven by storytelling and makes films imbued with passion. He has directed and written around a dozen films which have received great feedback at film festivals including Cannes, London and Edinburgh. His work has also been shown on television.

Director of Photography Phil Wood is a UK based director who graduated with an MA in Cinematography from the Northern Film School. Working on both film and digital formats, he has built his reputation by creating strong cinematic images. Phil shot the Oscar and BAFTA nominated short film ‘The Voorman Problem’, starring Martin Freeman and Tom Hollander, which was also nominated for the Best Cinematography Award at the Fastnet International Short Film Festival. 

Getting Involved

The whole team at Frayetta are really excited about this project and would love to have interested parties on board. The Crowdfunding project will be announced in June. For more information on this or the casting process please visit