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Free Email Marketing Whitepaper: The Five Variables of Scaling Email Volume

Press Release   •   Oct 16, 2012 13:05 BST

Azam Marketing, one of Europe’s oldest digital marketing firms, and Gold Lasso, a provider of sophisticated multichannel marketing software, released a whitepaper today entitled “The Five Variables of Scaling Email Volume.”

In working with Azam Marketing, Gold Lasso has uncovered the complex balance of scaling and successfully executing high volume email campaigns for a client in accordance with best practice and legislation, and is happy to share this joint insight with the public.  This whitepaper is available to download free of charge on the Azam Marketing website.

Gold Lasso’s Chief Technology Officer, Michael Weisel, commented, “We pride ourselves on the science involved in massively scaling an email operation for a single client where deliverability is a constant challenge. Supporting the science are the disciplines of planning, preparation, and sender reputation building.  Once scale is achieved, maintaining a quality sender reputation and keeping to the highest of standards presents other challenges that high volume senders must be concerned with.  The process of scale is not as simple as clicking the send button.”

Gold Lasso and Azam have uncovered the five variables that are integral for scaling a successful email marketing operation:  Sender reputation, bounces, list management and cleansing, content and engagement, and finally, technology.

Azam Marketing’s Chief Executive Officer, Nadeem Azam commented, “It’s not easy to scale email marketing. We manage over 16 million email records with multiple data sources and therefore we must feel confident that our campaigns are being executed to their fullest potential. Gold Lasso has been more than supportive in our efforts to master this”.

A successful high volume email marketing strategy can be achieved if the following key points are kept in mind:

  • Managing deliverability for high volume is a joint effort between the ESP and client.  
  • Reputation success stems from data cleanliness and a good sending strategy.
  • Abrupt strategy changes can cause issues and must be planned.
  • There is no direct line to the ISPs. Vigilance and responsible sending practices are a must.
  • Be prepared for a long scaling process. Extreme volume swings will not be effective.

A four page whitepaper is available for free download here

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