Keltic Clothing Helps Cost-Conscious Businesses Hire Freelance Writers

Press release   •   Aug 04, 2013 11:01 BST

The cost of hiring skilled freelance writers for regular or infrequent projects is an unwanted expense that burdens many businesses, creative agencies, and publishers. Whereas many job sites charge a hefty fee ranging from $100 to $400 to post a 30-day job ad, , launched in 2008, does not charge a fee--and has never. Brian Scott, founder of the site and a business owner since 1996, knows that many businesses continually seek ways to reduce overhead, pay off debt, and increase sales.

"In a single year a business may have dozens of specialized projects that require freelance writers," says Scott. "This means posting dozens of job ads during the year, amounting to a sizeable expenditure."

At the end of the year a business might have paid over $3,000 in fees to recruit freelancers--an expenditure which could have been used for other essential costs, such as on marketing, launching new products, or attracting more readers.

"Sometimes a business may need to recruit only one writer and have a budget of $300 for someone to write a series of articles," says Scott. "The unwanted cost to post a job ad might force the owner to reduce his budget to $200. This could negatively affect the outcome of the ad: it is more likely that higher skilled writers will not reply to the ad because of the low rate, whereas lesser skilled writers will reply." does the same employment routines as the larger job sites, but with a preference on saving businesses money and an emphasis on attracting the best writers in specialized disciplines. The site is visited by hundreds of regular freelancers each day who peruse open job opportunities that match their interests and skills. The staff screens each job ad for authenticity or improvements before making it live, thus removing scams or nonsense jobs. Additionally, the site syndicates new jobs to its Facebook Group as well as to affiliate sites, and

Businesses with limited budgets, especially start-ups and small publishers, will appreciate the cost-saving approach to recruiting writers for their upcoming projects. To post your job ad today, please visit us at

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