Freelancer Today; a paradigm shift in the global labor market

Press release   •   Mar 05, 2012 11:16 GMT

"It's an incredibly exciting project where we have used the latest technology and the latest development tools to create a platform for all available work tools. It's a really sharp product for a global growth market, ”says Filip Bjernebo, one of the creators from besquare concepts, as a daily working and studying in London.

The service is primarily aimed at connecting small and medium-sized businesses, buyers and sellers, who needs or can deliver unique specialist expertise and in addition has experience from fast delivery of jobs to companies in the industrial world. This in turn requires a completely new and innovative approach to how projects can be procured, monitored, quality assured, paid and delivered via a web-based system where buyers and sellers are members.

The need for these services is increasing rapidly on a global basis. Market growth is about 30% per year and it seems to increase. While growing realization is slower among the more traditional industries in using this way of quick, cost-effective and high quality purchasing services, the fact is that the traditional industries represents a very high potential for new markets for various services. Freelancer Academy will in addition promote just that. The Academy is established primarily for members but also to some extent open to non members and then as a sales tool. The task is to be a unifying forum for all freelancers where you can blog, share experiences, exchange advice, do networking and communicate knowledge and training in this new and growing field.

The own learning side, Freelancer Academy, will be a cornerstone in the future development concept. Already planned is a "school edition" for tutoring and specialist support at a distance.

"FreelancerToday Media Edition will revolutionize media and music industry practices. A daily meeting and working place for musicians and creators from around the world available 24 hours a day. Fantastic! " says Linus Kinnander from GlobelTech Group, who works as a professional sound engineer in London.

The exposure for a global service like this will relatively soon be very large.

There are a few smaller more local competitors and one large, a listed U.S. company, oDesk. Freelancer Today is designed to in all respects deliver more modern and convenient services and thus a very complete platform with special focus on European markets and needs. The design makes changes, additions and cooperation with others very easy and convenient and enables a quick implementation

From besquare concepts has Filip Bjernebo been responsible for concept and design of the site and from GlobelTech Group has Linus Kinnander delivered knowledge from the music and media industry. is a new marketplace connecting companies and freelancers around the world. Any company can outsource and work in a secure environment online and with this tool always be guaranteed to get work done for every paid hour. With this collaboration and track tool for all platforms, you will always know when anyone in your team works and what he is doing.