Fresh restaurant food at discount prices thanks to new social enterprise

Press Release   •   Feb 17, 2016 16:23 GMT

BuffetGo: the new environmental social enterprise that brings you great restaurant food for as little as £1.

A revolutionary closing-time discount takeaway service committed to tackling food waste in the hospitality and catering sector launches this Monday 15th February in London.

Targeted primarily at the city’s students, the environmentally-conscious and those looking to eat well on a budget, BuffetGo allows users to order surplus meals for collection from local restaurants at their end of service at an average of 71% off the usual menu price.

How it works:

BuffetGo customers simply visit the www.buffet-go.co.uk website, find a local restaurant, place an order and pay online. They then receive an email confirmation which needs to be taken to the restaurant when the order is collected.

In buffet-style eateries, the customer is handed an eco-friendly BuffetGo box and collects a meal from the buffet cart, whilst in cafes and other diners restaurant staff are on hand to serve a meal to go. It’s an innovative opportunity to contribute to the war on food waste at time when the topic is receiving global attention.

By encouraging restaurants to increase their productivity and sell their surplus food rather than dispose of it, BuffetGo helps its partners to maximise the efficient usage of their resources.

At the same time, partner restaurants minimise their food wastage by making meals that would otherwise be discarded available to the general public for consumption. Essentially, BuffetGo establishes a platform through which its customers can enjoy great, freshly cooked food at affordable prices.

In addition to the environmental benefits of reducing the amount of food sent to landfill, BuffetGo is founded on important social goals.

It has ambitions to tackle local and national food poverty by redistributing food to those who need it most – a factor of heightened importance considering that six million UK families are barely able to afford to sustain a ‘minimally acceptable diet’ according to recent research.

It’s a passion that enveloped the company’s founder Chris Wilson, 25, whilst he worked in the restaurant trade alongside his studies.

‘I couldn’t fathom how much perfectly edible food was thrown away every single day’, he said. ‘It’s something which quite simply didn’t need to happen, and for a while we’ve been trying to come up with a practical solution. There’s been a huge amount of hard work gone into it, but now I’m pleased to be able to share it with everyone in the shape of BuffetGo.’

With currently 16 partner restaurants around the capital, including the flagship O2 branch of the popular world buffet chain Jimmy’s Restaurants – and many more on the way – BuffetGo rolls out in London this Monday 15th February before launching in Manchester, Birmingham and other major UK cities.

Chris and his team have ambitions to grow the service nationwide as they aim to shake up the restaurant takeaway industry.

Check out the BuffetGo website here: www.buffet-go.co.uk – and get the hashtag #belliesnotbins trending!

Notes to Editors

BuffetGo is operated by Chris and two fellow University of Leeds graduates Jamie Crummie and David Goslyn. Initially, Chris developed the concept up in Finland last year before finding a Finnish-based investor who funded the website and development of the forthcoming apps. Since then the idea has also been taken to Denmark, where an affiliated team operate buffetgo.dk

Chris studied a BA in English and Spanish. He moved to Finland with his partner in 2015 after finishing his MSc in International Business, at which point he began work on BuffetGo. He is available for interview and contactable by telephone on 07793006317 or via email at chris@buffet-go.co.uk.

Jamie Crummie is a full-time master’s level student who is currently studying an LLM in Human Rights Law at Queen Mary University of London, after completing a LLB Law Degree. He is also available for interview and contactable by telephone on 07837503101 or email at jamie@buffet-go.co.uk.

David Goslyn works full time as the manager of a volunteering time bank in Manchester after graduating in Criminology. He is contactable via email at david@buffet-go.co.uk

Chris, Jamie, David and the rest of their team are passionate about ethical business and the sustainable economy.

An environmental note:

Research shows that food that rots in landfill releases methane, a severely damaging greenhouse gas that’s 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide. In addition, whilst the waste generated by other sectors, such as the grocery industry, is now receiving widespread attention, the fact that UK restaurants waste 600,000 tonnes (or the equivalent of 82 Eiffel Towers) of edible food per year tends to be neglected.

Testimonial from restaurants:

Raman Prasad, general manager of Jimmy’s World Buffet Restaurant in the O2, London said ‘It's a fantastic concept that I was more than happy to get on board with. I’m looking forward to Jimmy’s doing their bit for the environment and putting our surplus food to good use.’

BuffetGo is a social enterprise that's dedicated to protecting the environment by reducing avoidable food waste in the restaurant and catering sector. Surplus, freshly-cooked restaurant food is made available on the www.buffet-go.co.uk website. Customers simply visit the site, place an order, receive an email confirmation and collect their prepared meal from the restaurant.