FreshPage Re-launched with More Fresh Photos and Pages

Press Release   •   Jul 20, 2012 11:59 BST

North East England - July 20, 2012 - is the photo gallery of Stephen Metcalfe, a Christian Photographer based in North East England. The website has been re-launched with lots of new photos of North East England and of many other major cities in Europe. Several new albums of very compelling photos related to Olympic Torch, Newcastle Bridges, Whitley Bay, Warkworth Castle and the River Coquet, Bamburgh Northumberland and of many other exciting places and events have been added on the website.

Whether it's about everyday life, faraway places, people or events, almost every subject under the sun can be covered with photography. Capturing the nature in photos is one of the most fascinating mediums in this field.

The pictures showcased on the website offer all the aspects of the targeted places. They reveal the creative side and dexterity of Stephen Metcalfe who took these images keeping even the slightest details in mind. He uses his very enthusiastic skills in finding the loveliness of nature and efficiently captures the great beauty through the camera. The photos make you praise not only the nature, but Stephen too. Whatever he captures, it shows perfection.

Almost all available pictures on the website make visitors desire to visit these places as they please the senses and stir the soul for a while. The photographs make us realize that the surrounding world is way more beautiful than what we think or have explored so far and photography is an exciting way to capture this beauty. They can also help them get an idea about these places who planning to visit these places.

As saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Those interested in visiting these places will find the source very helpful as the photos can help them get an idea about the places. The available photographs are very clear and give a perfect scenic view of some very exciting places. The website will continue to delight its visitors as long as the beautiful places like Newcastle Bridges, Whitley Bay, Warkworth Castle and the River Coquet, Bamburgh Northumberland exist and as long as events like Olympics keep taking place.

When viewing the photographs of places like Whitley Bay, Warkworth Castle, Bamburgh Northumberland etc, one desires to visit these places as they urge to explore the beauty of these places and feel the serenity and loveliness of these places. When it comes to photography websites, there are not too many websites which have a clear purpose. Most visitors don't get an idea about the purpose of these websites. Visitors will find Fresh Page Gallery a purposeful source of photography where every photo has a clear cut message.

Apart from its stunning photographs, the website has plenty of other exciting features with a simple look and feel. Unlike other photography websites, it's not too fancy and has very easy and simple navigation that makes it a user-friendly source for those who love photography and nature.

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