Henry Baker

From Idea to Best Seller in 77 Days - Hampshire Author Sets the Record

Press Release   •   Sep 22, 2010 19:58 BST

Sep 22, 2010 – Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, UK - On July the 5th 2010 Henry Baker began to write his book showing local business how to grow even in recession. “Many of our much loved local businesses have been struggling due to recession” says Mr.Baker. “That leaves them vulnerable to unscrupulous sellers offering online and offline advertising opportunities that promise much but deliver little. And on top of that, many of the staple marketing methods local businesses have relied on for years (such as the Yellow Pages) are not working as they used to” he continues. “Times have changed dramatically and customers buying habits radically and someone needed to step up and offer local business a path to effectively using new marketing media which surrounds us.” 

Mr.Baker goes on to express his shock at the response to his book “I only wrote the book because people were asking me how they could really using online marketing such as Google Maps, pay per click advertising, search optimization, social media etc to attract and keep local customers. I never imagined it would hit the Amazon best seller lists. It’s only been 77 days since I wrote the first word!” 

Finding statistics on the shortest time from book idea to best seller lists is not easy. But at just 77 days it seems Mr.Baker may have a claim at that title.

Mr.Baker is offering a valuable free gift for your audience and is available for interview, articles and the right speaking engagements and can be contacted on 0208 123 7781 or at press@growyourbusinesswhileyousleep.com. His best selling book “How to Grow Your Business While You Sleep” is available for purchase from Amazon.