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Future Generation Marketing Highlights Three Principles that make better Leaders

Press release   •   Mar 30, 2018 12:58 BST

Outsourced sales and marketing firm Future Generation Marketing claim that the most successful entrepreneurs are utterly phenomenal leaders. This week, the firm highlighted three key principles to implement in pursuit of becoming a better leader.

Future Generation Marketing: News Room

The Manchester-based company are well aware of the benefits of human interaction, a notion firmly followed by the Managing Director. By setting the standard for others to follow, Future Generation Marketing continuously aims to be authentic, with attentive leaders who are available for face to face interactions, as they believe this is the key to being a successful leader.

In a meeting held by the MD this week, the firm went into further detail on three key actions to implement to become a better leader.

1. Get straight to the point

This is one concept Future Generation Marketing believe strongly in implementing. In the interest of avoiding unpredictable or unhelpful interactions, as well as wasting the time of every member of the team, management should be encouraged to be approachable but straightforward at all times, believe the firm.

2. Listen, not dictate

As a business owner, the MD knows all too well how easy it can be to slip into the role of "boss." Instead of letting titles cloud their better judgment, the Managing Director encourages all team leaders to speak, but more importantly, to listen. By doing so, individuals will pick up on things that can be improved, making the workplace more productive as well as positively impacting the company's bottom line.

3. Make it easy to be heard

Allocate time for discussion, insists Future Generation Marketing. The firm suggests doing this by appointing new team members to field questions, comments and concerns at the end of every meeting. This will allow everyone to open up and is less daunting than addressing a manager or team leader in a formal setting.

Future Generation Marketing strongly emphasise leadership skills and believe all contractors should be entitled to equal opportunities to explore their potential. In order to create opportunities for their contractors, the firm regularly conduct personal development talks, to outline how individuals should go about developing into efficient, productive sales and marketing leaders of the future.

Based in Manchester, Future Generation Marketing specialise in developing a unique form of marketing which allows them to connect with consumers in-person. Future Generation Marketing works with millennials and a workforce of aspiring entrepreneurs and promotes the importance of accountability for success.





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