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Future Generation Marketing Speak Out on Why People Need to be Accountable for their Potential Success.

Press Release   •   Jan 22, 2018 22:31 GMT

Sales and marketing expert  Future Generation Marketing believes success only comes to those who voice their intentions and create accountability. The firm has shared how this has become central to its growth strategies and is driving the company towards success.

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Being accountable for success is when an individual accepts responsibility for their actions and are willing to answer to any outcome of choices, decisions and actions. People can start to be accountable by taking ownership of their part in the process and accepting the fact that actions have consequences, so people need to be empowered the put in the effort that creates the desired result.

The ‘accountability ladder’ outlines the differentiating attitudes that a person has between empowerment (acknowledge the reality and fully accept accountability) and victimhood (waiting and hoping). As a person moves up the ladder and increases their liability, then they become a more successful individual.

Through workshops and mentoring, Future Generation Marketing regularly educates its workforce on how accountability will impact success. The firm has strategies in place to help people take responsibility for their decisions and actions and as a result, drive their progression forward through hard work. Accountability will help a person to progress and learn new skills within their career.

Future Generation Marketing report on a study that supports this way of thinking. The study from American University found that people who actively spoke to others about their job search were more successful than those that avoid talking about it. This communication demonstrates a level of accountability, states Future Generation Marketing. The more an individual will share their experiences and goals, then the further they move up the accountability ladder.

Based in Manchester, Future Generation Marketing specialise in developing a unique form of marketing which allows them to connect with consumers in-person. Future Generation Marketing works with millennials and a workforce of aspiring entrepreneurs and promotes the importance of accountability for success.




Managing Director 

Adam Smith