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Fuzzy Empire - Underground Rock and Electronica meet by way of Steve Albini

Press Release   •   Feb 05, 2013 16:22 GMT

Dublin based electro-punk-pop outfit Fuzzy Empire make their international debut with the EP 'Everything & Nothing' on the Swedish indie-electro pop label Substream.

When esteemed London dance producer Tim Allen, lung-busting rock vocalist Emmet McCaughey and a multi-instrumentalist known only as ‘Hil’ converged in a room in Dublin, they had little idea about anything as structured as a ‘direction. Soon, rhythms took hold, soundscapes were sculpted, and essential melodies were blurted out. Digital and analogue cuddled up together, and heroes were acknowledged but never turned to for answers. Conventions and coolness went out with the cigarette butts and spent TicTac packets,and the only rulers were the songs and the gut feelings.

The results have been dubbed “immaculately produced electro pop” (Tom Robinson, BBC6) and have received airplay from numerous taster makers all across the UK & Ireland. Swedish indie label Substream were quick to nab Fuzzy Empire to their roster of boundary pushing electronic acts and suddenly it seemed like others were into the idea of thinking outside the sonic box and then shredding it afterwards. 

- Dance. Groove. Rock out. And feel fuzzy afterwards.


Check out to the EP on Spotify, YouTube (below) or directly on

A Bit About Fuzzy Empire

Tim Allen has been making electronic music for over a decade under numerous successful guises, as both a DJ and producer/remixer. After a stint as a busker, Hil has played bass and guitar in various Dublin rock acts. Their mutual friend Emmet McCaughey has fronted various indie rock bands, and also trained under rock engineer Steve Albini (The Pixies, PJ Harvey, Nirvana) in analogue recording methods.

- "We try to mesh a wide variety of influences, ranging from Kraftwerk to Nirvana, in a cohesive manner while (hopefully) underpinning the whole thing with good songwriting. We don't know if we're an electronic band writing live rock music or a traditional band with lots of modern toys, but that doesn't really matter. All that counts for us is The Song." -says the band.


"[Contraband is] A Huge Tune - Fresh, Fast, Sharp and Short"
-Tom Robinson, BBC6

“A criminally under-rated band”
-Chris McBride, Queens Radio station, Metaphorical Boat Blog

Best of Ireland 2011 Playlist
-Music weeks magazine

“Contraband is a colossal adrenaline rush of a tune… Fuzzy Empire clearly have their own sound which makes this one of the most exciting things I’ve heard for some time.”
-Paul Lane, Playing It Loud/Unplug The Jukebox

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