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GATC celebrates the 2nd Million Watchbox

Press Release   •   Feb 15, 2017 09:30 GMT

Constance, Germany, February 15, 2017: German sequencing solutions provider GATC Biotech AG delivered the 2nd million watchbox and celebrated the occasion together with the lucky customer last Thursday. A watchbox is an online data folder where customers can trace their orders and receive their sequencing results. This special watchbox indicates that two million Sanger sequencing orders were processed at GATC .

On Thursday, February 9th, GATC Biotech invited the customer with watchbox number Two Million, Mr. Ivan Schlembach, to visit the European Custom Sequencing Centre in Cologne. Once an order is submitted, a customer gets a watchbox number which he can use to trace his samples and results round the clock online. The watchbox serves as a virtual window to the individual analyses. Mr Schlembach and his team are researching at the Institute of Applied Microbiology of the RWTH University Aachen on the topic of bioelectrochemical systems and inter-microbial relationships in mixed cultures. For this purpose numerous analyses of microbial gene fragments are necessary. GATC Biotech has been performing this sequencing-based analysis for their institute for many years.

Mr Schlembach and his team were invited to observe the fully automated sequencing processes in GATC´s laboratories. There, they were rather astonished about the technological facilities, the level of automatisation, and the logistical capability. The samples are sent from Collection Points and individual locations from all over Europe to the laboratories in Cologne, and results are provided online overnight.

“To process millions of orders in such a limited time, we rely on established logistics solutions, full process automatisation, a fleet of sequencing platforms and an experienced team of trained specialists who work round the clock to delivery high quality results in the matter of hours,” said Mr. Thomas Pankau, Deputy Site Manager European Custom Sequencing. The lucky customer from RWTH University Aachen and a few of his colleagues got a round laboratory tour, a gift basket, and several free barcodes for further orders to support his PhD studies.

Over the last years sequencing has become an integral part of biological, food, technological and medical research. Mr Schlembach meanwhile is focusing on finishing his PhD on the production of synthetic biofuel in mixed culture fermentation. He himself is certain that the need for gene sequencing will continue to heavily increase in future. GATC Biotech is already prepared to meet this growing demand.

GATC Biotech, a family owned business since 1990, is Europe’s leading sequencing services provider with more than 10,000 customers from academia, industry and healthcare worldwide. As a renowned brand, GATC Biotech offers all leading sequencing technologies in its own laboratories. The company’s proprietary workflows deliver ready-for-diagnostics results backed by ISO 17025 accreditation. From Sanger to next-generation sequencing, GATC Biotech offers unmatched flexibility for any kind of genomics such as transcriptome, epigenome, exome or whole genome analysis. Please visit for more information on genomic innovation – Made in Germany.