Gemstones Can Significantly Help to Reduce Premature Deaths.

Press Release   •   Oct 08, 2010 20:11 BST

Most of us spend over half our waking hours working. The workplace can be a place of stress, anxiety and tension. It is frequently filled with both positive and negative energy; from customers and suppliers, colleagues and peers, management and family.

Negative energy from stress, anxiety and tension leads to un-healthy hearts and increases the chances of ill health; heart disease, strokes, high/low blood pressure and angina.

According to the World Health Organisation, cardiovascular disease (heart) and cerebrovascular disease (stroke) account for nearly 40 percent of all human deaths.  Putting this in context, these two causes of premature death are almost as much as ALL the other causes put together.

Experts suggest that at least 80 percent of premature deaths from heart disease and stroke could be avoided if the main risk factors; tobacco, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity are controlled by the individual.

It stands to reason that the remaining 20 percent of premature deaths are attributable to other issues; typically ones genetics and the environment one puts oneself in. If we spend over half our waking hours in the work environment, a significant percent of premature deaths are from work stress, anxiety and tension. Metaphysical healing can help to address such issues.

In practice, this is easier said that done. Alan Roddis, Managing Director of G.A.E.A. Limited says, “Tobacco, for example, is an addiction. People may be fortunate enough to stop this addiction without help, but for many people, help is needed. However, remember that help comes in many forms”.

The idea behind metaphysical healing is that the individual is his or her own healer, responsible for creating both health and illness. When an individual falls ill, the believer in metaphysical health does not think it was by chance, but by mental patterns that can be identified and replaced.

Spiritual and esoteric experts may argue that the negative energy which can surround us all, specifically at work, can be counter balanced by positive energy and such positive energy can be extracted and directed from sources such as crystals and gemstones. Whether the crystal or gemstone actually provides/directs the energy or not is the subject of much debate. However, the positive mental patterns of the individual; believing the gemstone does help to remove the negative energy, helps to relax and de-stress the individual, removing anxiety and tension.

Roddis continues, “Millions of people believe that gemstones and crystals vibrate to certain numbers, and/or radiate energy. Practices such as Chakra or Reki illustrate that when gemstones are selectively placed on certain areas of ones body, they help the healing process.  Again, whether one totally believes in these somewhat intangible processes or not, is not the issue. The issue is that, to the believer, the processes work and it is this mental boost which undoubtedly helps the individual to heal or address his or her negative issues.

Even if we forget the spiritual and esoteric side of these minerals, gemstones such as Aquamarine, Orange River Quartz, Labradorite or Gomedh are aesthetically enchanting and bring joy and happiness to the wearer. Like crystals, gemstones are also highly tactile, bringing a sense of calm when handled and worn. These tangible gemstone qualities again affect the mental patterns of an individual, either consciously or unconsciously.

There is little argument that positive mental thoughts help and individual to elevate difficulties, illnesses, or negative situations. Doctors working in hospitals, for example, encourage patients and their visitors to maintain a positive attitude during treatment and illness recovery; in effect, this is a form of metaphysical healing.

Formed over millions and millions of years, gemstones and crystals undoubtedly have their place in the healing process of an individual, no matter what a persons believes are. If we continue with the above logic, evidence would suggest that if one was to take a gemstone to a distressed or ill colleague, friend or family member instead of a box of chocolates or flowers, the person would have a more sustainable chance of recovery.

Give a loved one chocolates and they will be happy for a hour or a day; give a loved one a gemstone and they may find eternal happiness and health through conscious or subconscious mental thoughts; see  www.gaealimited.com


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