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Get Up and Go Marketing question if the competition is anticipating top social media trends in 2018

Press Release   •   Jan 05, 2018 15:19 GMT

Social Media marketing is an excellent tool for brands looking to boost visibility and engage with their target communities.  Get Up and Go Marketing review the hottest trends expected in 2018 to ensure they are ahead of the competition.

About the firm:

From Snapchat to twitter online platforms has majorly extended businesses reach; social media presence has afforded small businesses the additional exposure that in the past may not have been available. Get Up and Go Marketing have reviewed the hottest trends expected in 2018, in a bid to remain ahead of the competition and maximise their brand power in the New Year.

Here are the top eight social media trends to prepare for in 2018.

1. The rise of augmented reality – Apple have paved the way for users to personalise their user experience; Social media platforms will be developing ways for their users to incorporate these into their customer experience. Think augmented Snapchat filters with friends or celebrities in different locations.

2. Increasing popularity of Instagram Stories – brands using Instagram need to take note that nearly half of active Instagram users are adding to their stories each month, a whopping 200 million users are paving the way for brands to master useful story updates.

3. Continued investment in influencer marketing – Traditional strategies are set for decline after top brands including The North Face and Rolex have reported an increase in engagement with new and existing audiences.

4. Focus on Generation Z – Marketers are advised to shift their focus to Generation Z, popular social media platforms for the Gen Zers include Snapchat and Instagram, marketing teams should place extra emphasis on mastering strategies for these.

5. Increasing brand participation in messaging platforms – The modern consumers want instant messaging solutions to improve their customer experience, the personalised approach will need to be fine-tuned by brands wanting to retain consumer satisfaction I 2018.

6. Expansion of live streaming – Live coverage of industry-specific events can boost engagement levels dramatically. Choose audiences and events carefully to maximise the effectiveness of this fast-developing strategy.

7. Rethinking Twitter – the declining social media platform has failed to grow in 2017, seeing the competition overtake them on active users and followers. Expect changes to the format, processes and business structure of the company in a bid to revamp its image.

8. Digital hangouts go mainstream – Facebook is in the development stages of integrating the virtual hangout app into their site, meaning users can benefit from an all in one place experience.

Get Up and Go Marketing will be anticipating some significant opportunities for their brand to engage with Generation Z, ensuring they remain relevant and attract top and upcoming talent in the industry.



Managing Director 

Elliott Curtis

Get Up & Go Marketing