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Press Release   •   Nov 02, 2016 15:31 GMT

If you were looking to put a new website or expose business online but in dilemma and lots of doubts ... now is the time to start your new project this year! And that is why we, Companies Web Design, a leading website development company, London will support you by offering Cheap Web Design service @ £199 that include Domain, Hosting & Emails.

To have your website online you need to follow three basic steps:

1. Register a web domain

2. Design your website

3. Hire a web hosting service (hosting)

1.Domain Web

The first thing that is recommended is to register a web domain, which has been running a company, organization or person on the Internet.

Without a domain, visitors to your page should be accessed using the IP address of the server (for example, instead of

The domain has a dual purpose on the Internet: As address, it is the easiest, quick and intuitive to locate a website form. As a brand, they serve to identify companies, people, brands, products and services.

With Companies Web Design, you can register your domains quickly and easily. Companies Web Design is authorized to register domains and provide access to a wide range of extensions, from the best known type .com, .es,, .org and, to many others.

2.Web Design

Already you have registered your domain, now it is time to find a good designer to create your website. But before the selection, you should know what the goal of your website.

It is important to note that a site without objective can be frustrating for both the client and the designer ... So the ideal is to know what you are looking to obtain and / or provide your page.

Cheap web design services provide by Companies Web Design facilitates this task, by dividing pages into three categories that can help define the purpose of your site. Web trends have changed, we too! We add to our services campaigns on social networks and new technologies (RWD, HTML5, CSS3) to create functional pages on smartphones, tablets and computers.

3.Web Hosting

This service is the one that will enable your website can be accessed 24 hours a day for anyone surfing the Internet.For a page can be viewed via the internet must be hosted on a server.

The big portals due to heavy traffic they receive to have their own or "dedicated" servers, however, the costs of maintaining a server are very high, therefore, have a dedicated server is not a viable option for most sites of enterprises and small to medium businesses.

Companies Web Design, a pioneer website development, London offers a wide selection of hosting services for businesses and individuals, so that, either way your project, you will find a solution that suits your needs. We offer VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Dedicated Servers, shared hosting and cloud hosting. Our Hosting plans include the following services:

Email accounts (required)

Disk space (as needed)

Apache Web server

POP3 mail servers and SMTP

FTP accounts (the necessary)

FTP server

MySQL Databases



Parallels Plesk Control Panel

Backup Services

Technical support

From a basic plan to a comprehensive plan, we have several options for the needs of everyone within our cheap web design services. You can start with a simple plan and evolve a complex one, or combine to have a hosting service for you.

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