Glasgow residents report a UDO ( Unidentified Driving Object )

Press Release   •   Jul 23, 2012 12:42 BST

Glasgow residents have been mystified by a strange and tiny white vehicle spotted scooting round city streets this month.  Looking like something from the future or a science fiction movie it’s actually owned by Andrew Park, 49 year old local entrepreneur and owner of energy switching site PowerSwitch.com.

Andrew Park solved the mystery saying “It’s actually called a Twizy, Renault’s newest electric car. I fell in love with its quirky looks and fun handling & being 100% electric it’s so silent it takes pedestrians and drivers by surprise. People smile, take photos and ask questions about it as it’s so “out of this world”.

Interest has been so high they’ve decided to hire it out to the public via WhipCar.com for just £8 an hour so locals can experience a slice of a cleaner greener future for themselves.


PowerSwitch.com is a leading energy and telecom comparison website for businesses and homes.