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Global CFO and Group Asset Management Director join the Advisory Board of The Talent Show by Treasury Peer

Press Release   •   Feb 29, 2016 06:29 GMT


Released 29 Feb 2016 by Treasury Peer AB, Sweden

Global CFO and Group Asset Management Director join the Advisory Board of The Talent Show by Treasury Peer

The Advisory Board supports the Corporate Financial Supply Chain Innovations Event in Greater Copenhagen April 26-27, 2016.

Magnus Lind, founder of Treasury Peer and co-founder of The Talent Show: “The Advisory Board supports our mission to be the corporate driven event for financial supply chain innovation. The Board decides the content, agenda and which vendors and banks to invite. With Treasury Peer’s roots in treasury, we have extended to CFOs and Procurement Directors to bridge the stakeholders in the chain. Jesús Àngel García-Quílez Gómez, CFO at Abengoa, and David Loseby, Group Asset Management Director at Arriva are two much respected thought leaders bringing huge experience and perspectives to the Show. We are very happy to have them join.

The Talent Show attracts corporate executives from entire Europe, Middle East and North America for two days to improve and speed up the transition from old time financial transacting, to new collaborative and efficient, real-time, transparent ways of working throughout the whole corporate ecosystem of buyers, sellers and financiers.

Jesús Àngel García-Quílez Gómez adds: “The current financial innovations will change industries forever. Key for us is to exploit those innovations to bring improved client value. Innovating is much more than only a numbers game.”

Corporate treasury, finance, procurement and sales are challenged by a megatrend consisting of many large game changers from the disruption of the financial supply chain (read: FinTech). The changes won’t go by unnoticed at corporations.

David Loseby adds: “The more you work in different countries and in different languages the more you realise that across the functions we don’t speak the same language. In short we may be listening very well, but what we are hearing may be different to what was being conveyed!“

The financial supply chain will be improved with all this new technology; such as introductions of real-time payments, increased transparency of transactions, improved financing techniques, big data analytics, and obviously reducing the waste (fees, release tied up capital and reduce time lags). 

About Jesús Àngel García-Quílez Gómez

Jesús Àngel García-Quílez joined Abengoa in 1998 and has served as the Chief Financial Officer since May 2013. He previously worked in the treasury and finance departments and in 2002 took over the Corporate Finance Department.

He holds a degree in business administration and management from the University of Seville, and an Executive MBA from San Telmo Business School, and a diploma in Corporate Performance from the Harvard Business School.

About David Loseby

David Loseby is currently the Group Asset Management Director for Arriva plc. Responsible for Group Engineering, Procurement , Fleet Management, & Environmental across Europe, including the UK (14 countries and over 56,000 employees, approximately 20,000 buses & 1,000 train sets and more). David implemented a new strategy in 2014 as well as a new organisation to deliver benefits across all geographies. He developed a new supply chain and suite of contracts to support a turnover of £4.5 billion plus. He introduced a new Code of Conduct for suppliers, based upon the UN Global compact agreement. David is responsible for the creation and management of a matrix organisation across all countries within the group. He is also the Group lead for design and implementation of SAP procurement ERP system and associated resources.

About Treasury Peer and The Talent Show

Treasury Peer is organizing The Talent Show from input from our large, global network of corporate treasurers, CFOs, and procurement and supply chain executives. Treasury Peer has huge ambitions in the area of supply chain finance. For 2016 we have set up the objective to push for assisting financial supply chain disruption big time. We know this will support the businesses and the economy to grow faster and stronger. The Talent Show – Supply Chain Finance is one of the tools Treasury Peer uses to bring together the most assertive and progressive vendors and banks with the corporate executives having responsibilities along the whole supply chain. The Talent Show takes place in Greater Copenhagen 26-27 April 2016 at Nordic Choice, Quality View Hotel, Hyllie Stationstorg, SE-215 32 Malmö. For more information please visit at and


Magnus Lind, founder Treasury Peer and co-founder The Talent Show
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Susanna Bondéus, managing director Treasury Peer and co-founder The Talent Show
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