Global natural gas power generation market: Hitachi's Power Systems division playing a key role in the industry

Press Release   •   Jul 12, 2013 10:50 BST

The global natural gas power generation market is suggested to have reached a value of around $37.5 billion by the beginning of 2013. It has been suggested that over 470GW of new global capacity will come online by the end of 2023.

In terms of natural gas reserves, Iran is the second largest player, only behind Russia, and as such has a vast domestic resource to exploit for electricity production. Over 75% of Iran's power generation derives from gas power plants, with the remainder coming from oil and hydropower. The country has an installed capacity of around 60MW.

One of the key players in the global natural gas power generation market is Hitachi. Hitachi is a vast company covering business aspects from IT and communications to major infrastructure developments. The Power Systems division is the umbrella for the company's major power plant developments, which involve thermal, nuclear, solar, hydro and wind generation systems.

The company is perhaps better known for its nuclear development capabilities and has extensive references throughout Japan. However, Hitachi is also a major gas turbine and gas power plant developer, providing some of the most efficient CCGT technology on the market. Their gas turbine solutions are generally on a smaller scale of between 16.9 and 32 MW.

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