Global passive component market: Japan the key country with 52% share

Press Release   •   Jul 03, 2013 09:25 BST

The global passive component market is suggested to have reached a value of around $21.7 billion by the beginning of 2013. In terms of the key segments in the industry, the capacitor sector is to have reached $14.4 billion and was the largest segment, accounting for 66% of the industry. Other segments include the resistor segment at $2 billion, the indicator segment at $3 billion, and the magnetic component segment at $1.2 billion.

The passive component industry is widespread in Japan, Taiwan, United States, Chinese Mainland and Southeast Asia. In particular, Japan holds overwhelming superiority, with the market share hitting 52%. With the substantial depreciation of the Japanese yen, the market share of Japan is expected to get further increased. By contrast, the market share of Chinese industrial players is no more than 7%, and most of them are specialized in the production of low-end products. Owning to the fact that the production of Chip-based passive components is highly automatic which implies the limited area of production base coverage, a great many of Japanese companies prefer to produce most of their products in local Japan, and turn to China and Southeast Asia for the production of small quantities of low-end products. And the same is true for America which has little possibility to transfer the production beyond the locality.

The capacitor falls into ceramic capacitor, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, PEDT, tantalum capacitor and film capacitor. In particular, the multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) makes up 62% in the capacitor market, with the largest shipment and the highest output value. On average, some 300-400 pieces of MLCCs are needed for each cellphone; some 400-600 pieces of MLCCs are wanted for each notebook PC; and some 300-400 pieces are required for each tablet PC. With the expanding MLCC market capacity, a part of aluminum electrolytic capacitor market is seized by MLCC market. MLCC is a kind of capacitor with the strongest growth momentum, while the aluminum electrolytic capacitor market is expected to shrink in the future.

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