Go Underground To Learn About Glasgow

Press Release   •   Dec 23, 2013 13:55 GMT

Monday the 2nd of December saw the launch of ‘Glasgow Underground & Nicotine’, a short story collection set in the biggest Scottish city. The book is available in Kindle and hard copy editions from Amazon.

With 11 short stories touching on all walks of Glasgow life, there is something for residents, ex-pats and people that love a story of people in their local environment. As you would expect from a Glasgow setting, pubs and alcohol are never too far away, and the almost ever-present forces of football and live music can be found in the collection. However, like so many elements of life in Glasgow, the collection focuses on people.

With Glasgow folk being universally known for their friendliness while the city carries a reputation for violence, there is a strange blend of dark and light in the city. This collection aims to capture all walks of life that create the unique atmosphere that Glasgow is known for.

The book was initially inspired by a bar-room conversation involving the Velvet Underground’s debut album and a love of puns. With every chapter in the book drawing influence from the record and the front cover applying a Glaswegian tinge to one of the most famous album covers of all time, the influence of the highly influential New York band lies heavy on this collection. However, the individual stories stand on their own merits without drawing directly from the band or their music. While the Velvet Underground looked around and saw the seedy underbelly of New York as the driving influence for their music, Andy Reilly was able to draw from both the good and the bad of his home city to inspire this collection.

With stories taking place in the North, South, East and West of the city, not to mention the city centre itself, anyone familiar with Glasgow will know the figures, faces and places on show. Of course, when it comes to human interaction and engagement, similar stories are being played out in major towns and cities around the world.

Glasgow Underground & Nicotine’ is available on Kindle and in physical hard copy. Until the start of 2014, the collection will be available for £1.99 on Kindle and will be priced at £4.85 for the physical copy. The 11 stories offer different elements of Glasgow life where the humour and slanted views on reality often come to the fore.

‘Glasgow Underground & Nicotine’ is the first collection of short stories released by Glasgow author Andy Reilly. Based in the city centre of Glasgow, where he has resided for many years, Andy is perfectly comfortable with the many bars, pubs and drinking dens that can be found in Glasgow. The influence of the Glasgow people and their unique attitude to life and love has been a direct influence on the author and all of his work throughout his life. This collection combines Andy’s love of writing and music, offering a nod to his favourite band, The Velvet Underground.