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Gold Vibes discuss ways fast-growing companies recruit top talent

Press Release   •   Apr 16, 2018 13:31 BST

Direct marketing and sales specialists Gold Vibes are currently seeing a period of steady growth, and the Birmingham based firm has some top tips for similar fast-growing companies to help them recruit the best talent as well.

Gold Vibes: About the company.

Whether the business is seeking to take on freelancers, full or part-timers finding the very best talent is never an easy feat. Particularly if the company is experiencing excelled growth and is looking to bring in multiple new team members at a time, it becomes even tougher.A 2017 study has revealed that the best candidates get snapped up within ten days of putting themselves on the market. Most executives will turn to job boards as a way of sourcing candidates.

Companies can pay a hefty price for taking on the wrong hires, so it's important to get it right first time around. Gold Vibes believes that new strategies should be implemented to make the hiring process easier, not harder. However, it is understandably confusing for people with so many tools and strategies out there, identifying the correct recruitment strategy for a business is often just as challenging as finding the right people to bring in.

It is with that in mind that Gold Vibes have devised a list of things to consider that will save time, money and a lot of wasted efforts that will help bring better candidates in:

1. Make sure to highlight the firm's dynamic culture

The best employees want to work for the best companies, plain and simple. Company websites are often the first place candidates go to gauge a feel for a company, so it's crucial that the design of the site highlights the company’s value and appealing culture. Furthermore, it's important to take up full use of social media platforms, its an easy and creative way of highlighting essential moments of the day to day culture within the office.

2. Use the freelance economy to test the waters

Executives can now take highly qualified contributors on test runs. For example when new projects or the need arises, taking on a freelancer to do the work can often be a great help.

If that person reliably produces high-quality work, it's often an excellent opportunity to extend and enticing offer to convince the talented freelancer to climb aboard on a more permanent basis.

3. Treat recruitment as a marketing process

When bringing new people into the business, the idea is precisely the same as trying to acquire a new customer. Advertise the USP’s of the firm and create campaigns that show people how great it is to work at the company.

It is also important to weed out the unqualified people quickly and get the right individuals in front of decision makers. Nobody wants to waste their time on poor leads; the same idea applies to the recruitment process. There's no need to spend time on people who won’t fit the company culture.

“Every company wants to hire the right people, but to bring these kinds of candidates, companies need to start doing more to entice them. One of the first things a candidate will see is a company website, it's so important to get this right as first impressions are everything. Furthermore, it's important to imagine the recruitment process is the same as the marketing, hiring a recruit is like trying to acquire a new customer” Managing Director Jake McCall stated.

Gold Vibes was formed to offer businesses an opportunity to enhance their marketing strategies. The firm's methods have been designed to work seamlessly alongside all other departments.



Jake McCall: Managing Director

Our mission is to develop cost-effective approaches that do not impact on quality nor results, through our unique ability to improve customer experience through face-to face-acquisitions and advertising. The ability to demonstrate and answer live questions creates a fantastic platform for a well-informed customer equipped with a strong understanding of how to get the best results using your products or services. Gold Vibes offer an all-inclusive outsourcing package that takes care of everything from design and execution, recruitment, training, and market research.