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Gold Vibes explores the Importance of conducting changes to enhance Growth

Press Release   •   Jun 14, 2018 12:12 BST

Birmingham’s outsourced sales and marketing experts, Gold Vibes have recently seen extensive growth and has placed this in part down to a number of changes implemented by Jake McCall, the firm’s Managing Director. As a result, the company has released a statement urging other businesses to consider implementing changes throughout their business model.

Gold Vibes: About the firm

McCall has implemented such changes in the hopes of improving his business and accelerating their growth to continue their domination of the sales and marketing sector. The entrepreneur has placed a high level of communication on making such modifications and is eager for others to ensure they address this aspect when making any alterations to a business.

Ensuring individuals completely understand changes that are to be made, and how these will affect them personally is crucial to a smooth transition. Gold Vibes have stated how it is essential to create lines of discussion with all professionals, encouraging concerns and apprehensions to be openly discussed and rectified.

Generating and following through with a firm plan of action is vital, this relies heavily on leadership argues Gold Vibes. This plan must be inclusive of available assistance and solutions to problems that may arise. Individuals with experience in the business should be prepared to answer such queries, with helpful answers.

Collaboration should be enhanced after momentum begins to build, a sense of cooperation must be established with all those involved at the company as this will solidify the belief in the new changes. Gold Vibes detail how this can be encouraged through regular meetings and discussions on any changes.

Finally, this leads on to continued development once the initial changes have been implemented, as this is crucial to ensure the business remains in a position of innovation. The company should focus on refinement as an opportunity to actively involve all individuals, what questions have arisen and these are to be resolved.

“We are excited for the coming months as Gold Vibes is going through a number of changes, all of our contractors are eager to see where the remainder of 2018 will take us as one unit. We have one ultimate goal, and that is continued growth” stated Jake McCall, Managing Director of Gold Vibes.



Jake McCall - Managing Director

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