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Google Instant May Effect How Much Holidaymakers Pay for Airport Parking

Press Release   •   Nov 28, 2010 14:48 GMT

Google Instant Searched Could Effect Holidaymakers Cash Amounts.

The introduction of Google Instant to the UK could have some major impact on regional searches and could also cost local holidaymakers money!

For those of you who do not know about Google Instant, it's the latest update to their search engine which actually predicts search queries and returns results whilst the user is typing their query. So lets take our case in particular, airport parking in the UK.

Previously the major search terms were "xxx airport parking" where xxx = airport name. With the introduction of Google Instant much of this has changed. Now a user will come along and start to enter their usual search term, so for example, "Gatwick airport parking" but with Google Instant by the time the user has typed in "Gatwick" or "Gatwick airport" the top result is the official Gatwick airport website.

The point we're trying to get across here is that in our opinion more and more of the major airport parking search terms (gatwick airport parking for example) will be cut short because users will instantly see the official airport website right in front of them before they even finish typing their search term and some of these users will stop typing and go to the official website.

Now this is never always going to be a bad thing for the user because the official website for Gatwick airport has some very good car parks to offer. However, the car parks which are offered by the official airport websites are all based on the airport itself and as such are generally more expensive.

For example, if you chose Birmingham airport parking for a week in December 2010 at an on airport car park it would cost you £66.00, whereas if you parked off the airport compound it would cost only £29.92. Now this is a saving of £36.08, that could be a really good meal out with drinks for two in Spain!

So, here at we've been banging on about comparing car park prices and pre booking to save money, but choosing an off airport car park can be the icing on the cake and save you some real money to spend on your holiday instead of at some car park!

So our advise to you is to take your time, maybe actually finish typing your search term and really check out off airport car parks. Add to this the fact that we will compare all major suppliers of airport parking and the simple act of pre-booking in advance will certainly leave you with more money in your pocket on holiday.

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Written by Chris Fryer owner and developer of UK Airport Car Parks, a UK based airport parking comparison website.