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Great Deals on the Motorola Milestone

Press release   •   Nov 09, 2010 16:13 GMT

Made with quality soft and hard plastic. The Motorola Milestone includes a slide out QWERTY keyboard. This is a 40 key design comprising of 4 rows. Unfortunately the mechanism is clunky and a little awkward. The screen of the Milestone is larger than the iPhone at 3.7 inches. This TFT capacitive touch screen can produce up to 16 million colours.

The first Google Android Smartphone from Motorola is mostly impressive with its attractive display, multitouch and flash support with Android Technology 2.0, 5 megapixel camera with Geotagging. However, the slide mechanism and the weight of the phone lets it down.despite its slightly bulky appearance, the Milestone more than makes up for this with its superb camera facility, excellent build quality and great web browser. The Motorola Milestone will appeal to users who like to customise their handsets and prefer a robust device.

The Android Market has improved vastly and has made viewing latest applications and downloading of applications easier for the user and this is especially apparent on the Milestone. When updating your calendar and contacts on your PC, these will automatically show on your phone. A Google account is easy to create from the Milestone if the user does not already have a one. The phone includes Media Link which is a piece of media synchronisation software which is an improvement on previous Android Phones.

The display provides a great web browser and includes a zoom feature which can be pinched in and out as with the iPhone. Features include a camera with flash and autofocus, a GPS receiver, a built in accelerometer and a digital compass. With 720x480 pixel resolution video capture at 24 frames per second. The video facility is DVD quality. This is captured to an 8GB micro SD card (supplied) but upgradable to 32GB. The 1400mAh lithium-ion battery gives a up to 350 hours in standby, or 6.5 hours talktime, which is great considering the amount of features the Milestone includes

The Milestone has the great combination of a QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen, but the keyboard takes a little getting use to, however is more accurate than the touch screen. The Google Android 2.0 feature includes faster performance, an improved browser and an updated layout. The Motorola Milestone runs on a 550MHz processor, however, there is no delay with a swift opening of features and applications.

The Motorola Milestone and All New Milestone 2 are available now

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