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Green Deal Insulation

Press Release   •   Nov 04, 2011 20:07 GMT

The introduction of grants and incentives for funding will help Britain's homes and businesses improve energy efficiency and lower energy bills. The Government will soon launch the energy saving scheme in the UK in 2012. Insulation Installers for insulation in UK homes for loft, cavity walls and solid wall construction will help tackle rising energy bills in the UK.

The targets of the scheme include insulating homes to a better standard, this includes adding insulating materials for lofts, cavity walls, and external solid walls for the UK housing stock. Many homeowners are unaware just how much heat is being lost in the homes during the cold winter months. Installing insulation can save money, and reduce the cost of annual heating bills, particularly for the elderly and people on low incomes. In many cases, subject to individual circumstances, free insulation can be provided for your home by contacting a local supplier in your area. Remember that most of the homes in the UK without adequate insulation will lose around one-third of the heat produced by a central heating system which is lost through the roof, ceiling and walls of an average domestic property.

On average a poorly insulated home will pay up to £1 out of every £3 spent on heating will be wasted. Aerial survey information using thermal imaging can identify which homes have poor loft insulation by using photographic images at night. Some local councils use this technology to highlight buildings that have low levels of insulating materials in the property being surveyed. Solar Mapping of entire areas of cities and towns is available through Bluesky International which specialises in thermal mapping. If you are looking to reduce the costs of running your home, then it is worthwhile considering finding a local certified contractor to provide an indication of the costs involved. In most cases the installer can provide a free quote and survey for your property. Find out more about how you can reduce energy costs and benefit from a more energy efficient home by following some simple tips and advice. To find out more about the Green Deal scheme and recommended installers online refer to the Green Deal Guide.