Green Spirit Hydroponics Helping UK Growers

Press release   •   Jun 21, 2011 09:58 BST

Green Spirit Hydroponics, a Sheffield based supplier of Hydroponics equipment and supplies, says that growing your own produce is not really all that difficult. With the use of hydroponics, plants can be grown even without soil and natural sunlight.

Nurturing produce thru hydroponics is replicating the effects of the sun and the photosynthesis system. It is an indoor method that replicates what normally happens outdoors. The biological process is reproduced by replacing the natural element of the sun with hydroponics lighting equipment, then adding water and nutrients separately.

Light and heat is used to produce and grow plants, vegetables, fruit and herbs. It also makes use of artificial forms of lighting as well as fans, pumps and humidifiers to control the environment within the garden.

Green Spirit Hydroponics is a full service source for organic and hydroponic gardeners. They offer an extensive range of hydroponics kit, a selection of indoor plant lighting, hydroponic grow systems, hydro and organic horticultural supplies. By reading their blog posts and asking questions, it's not difficult for someone to start growing at home.

Chris Scorthorne, Managing Director says there are just a few basics to remember: "We get new growers through our Sheffield showroom every day. Anyone can set-up a hydro-garden at home, the only question is what you want to produce and how much".

Mr Scorthorne is known as an industry expert across the UK, and has featured in national press and local media alike. He puts his experience down to extensive practice and not being afraid to innovate.

He went on to add: "New technology such as LED grow lights and other grow-room equipment means it's getting easier all the time. Indoor gardening accessories such as nutrients and soil are the only things you need to buy once you have the set-up in place. We love to help new customers get started, and see a lot of repeat business from this".

Hydroponics is beneficial for countries with a poor growing climate. In the UK, wherein weather conditions are unpredictable, hydroponics ensures consistent results all year round. With hydroponics, it is practically possible to farm any types of fruits and vegetables. The most popular choices that can be grown using hydroponics are cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbages, green peas and more. 

Hydroponics techniques are very appealing to small-scale gardeners, indoor gardeners and horticulture enthusiasts. People who are fond of vegetable gardening prefer hydroponics, since this method is beneficial in providing nutritious and good quality vegetables.

Through hydroponics, fruits and vegetables can be easily grown inside houses, offices, small apartments and people living in limited spaces. It does not need spacious areas, potted plants and soil plots. It is a much quicker and a more reliable way of growing your own food, plants and herbs.

Lesser work is also involved in tending the garden, and plant diseases are less likely to affect the plants. It is also ideal for those who want organically-grown fruits and vegetables since it does not require pesticides and other chemicals.

Based in Sheffield, Green Spirit Hydroponics is a UK leader in supplying hydroponics equipment direct to the public. Their all new website has package deals for starter kits, such as tents, lighting and nutrients. Visit their website for more information: