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Guildhall School of Music & Drama Launches The Leadership Academy

Press Release   •   Apr 26, 2018 10:11 BST

The Guildhall School of Music & Drama launches The Leadership Academy, a one-of-a-kind initiative that will harness the School’s deep knowledge and expertise in the arts to develop new models of leadership and leadership training for senior decision-makers.

The launch, which took event last month at London's Skinners Hall,saw Catherine McGuinness, Chairman of Policy at the City of London Corporation, and Cressida Dick, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Force in London and the first woman to hold this role, talk about leadership in today's world.

Leading the Leadership Academy are Dympna Cunnane, who is taking up the role of Creative Director, and Patsy Rodenburg OBE, world-expert in voice, and Professor of Text and Poetry. Dympna Cunnane comes to the Leadership Academy with extensive experience in the field of leadership development and organisation consulting. Most recently she led the Learning Design team in Executive Education at London Business School.

The Leadership Academy recognises that today’s leaders are under unprecedented pressures and public scrutiny, and are often faced with a conflict between the pressures of their role and their personal values. Furthermore, we expect our leaders to exhibit wisdom, authenticity, compassion and integrity, alongside the very best technical skills. Traditional training routes do not equip leaders for these challenges.

The Leadership Academy invites today’s leaders to see their world through a new lens; to seek answers to practical leadership challenges through the humanities. Programmes will harness the richness and diversity of the worlds of art and music, taking participants on transformational personal and professional journeys towards a fuller sense of leadership while exploring what it means to be leaders who inspire trust.

Rooted in the Guildhall School’s values, the academy aims to bring its expertise, in preparing world-class professionals to perform at their best, to a different audience. Participants in The Leadership Academy will consider and understand the work and preparation required to attain performance excellence.

The Enriched Leader is the Academy’s flagship programme and the first to launch this spring. The programme invites senior executives to rethink power, authority and ethics in leadership while examining personal integrity and humility. Participants will explore these topics in the context of a number of classical texts and through intense ensemble work, leading to a deeper embodiment of values and an enhanced ability to communicate with clarity and dynamism.

The Enriched Leader is scheduled to commence in June of 2018 and an informative event for press and media will be held in April.

’Dympna Cunnane said: ‘The Guildhall School has been training artists for the last 138 years. Much of the knowledge and craft required to reach peak performance can be translated into other contexts. What does it take to stage a great play or a memorable concert? It takes a combination on individual skills and collaborative effort with the added ingredient of leadership in the form of the Director or Conductor. Each person has to give of their best and they have to listen and attend to one another, taking space and giving space. This is the vision that inspires our work at The Leadership Academy.’

Patsy Rodenburg OBE said: “All great works of art are about the human condition; we want to bring back humanity through the arts, to business, education, health, to provide access to the knowledge and skills that have been developed over the centuries.’

About the Guildhall School of Music & Drama

The Guildhall School is a vibrant, international community of musicians, actors and theatre technicians in the heart of the City of London. Twice-rated No.1 specialist institution in the UK by the Guardian University Guide, the School is a global leader of creative and professional practice which promotes innovation, experiment and research, with over 900 students in higher education, drawn from nearly 60 countries around the world. It is also the UK’s leading provider of specialist music training at the under-18 level with nearly 2,500 students in Junior Guildhall and Centre for Young Musicians.

The Guildhall School is immersed in a number of initiatives which bridge the worlds of business and the arts, including Guildhall Creative Entrepreneurs, a business incubator helping people in the performing arts to launch their own enterprises, video design and production services, and The Leadership Academy.

The School is widely recognised for the quality of its teaching and its graduates, and its new building, Milton Court, offers state-of-the-art facilities to match the talent within its walls, ensuring that students enter their chosen profession at the highest level. Milton Court is part of the unique Guildhall School/Barbican partnership delivering world-class arts and learning.