Hairoom (UK) – The Leading supplier of Wigs for Cancer and Alopecia.

Press Release   •   Feb 21, 2011 17:31 GMT

For many cancer patients the most visible and confidence-sapping effects of chemotherapy is hair loss. But help is at hand thanks to the professional skills of Andrea Holden.

Wigs have come a long way in the last few years and Hairoom can help restore the confidence of people fighting cancer or those affected by other conditions such as alopecia.

Hairoom, based in Morley, is the newest agent in this area backed by the NHS to make and fit hairpieces and wigs for cancer patients and alopecia sufferers.

Andrea, 36, Manages Hairoom that was set nearly 1 year ago to help improve the lives of local people. The beauty of being an independent retailer means she supplies every major wig manufacturer from around the world. A lot of wig retailers are now owned by wig manufacturers that only stock their own brands which limits choice. Andrea says the importance of using a wide range of suppliers is that they all have their own strength and weaknesses. Ranges include Feather Premier Collection, Noriko, Amore, Sentoo, Gallery collection, Hair society, Hair Power, Gisela Mayer , Kyle Kaine as seen on TV, and boasts the European Raquel Welch collection that is very different and far superior to the Raquel Welch collection commonly known in the UK Andrea also has the Kyle Kaine Collection seen on TV, and is one of the few distributors to have the Raquel Welch European Collection. All wigs are carefully chosen by Andrea with the necessity wearer in mind.

The Little Princess Trust is a charity for children suffering hairloss and is very close to Andreas heart. She works closely with children suffering with Alopecia and children with cancer. Andrea says “This is a very difficult part of my job as its often very upsetting to see such young vulnerable children dealing with the effects of cancer and its treatments, but is so rewarding and inspirational”

Hair loss can have a big impact on how people feel about themselves and Andrea said: “People can be embarrassed or end up as a recluse through feeling ashamed of how they look. “But they shouldn’t suffer in silence. I can put a spring back in their step by fitting them with a really nice wig” Andrea ran a similar practice in Blackpool for 15 years and had many showbiz clients.

She fitted figs for actors appearing in TV shows including Brookside, Coronation Street and Band of Gold and did a lot of work for the stage shows for the likes of Danny La Rue, Faith Brown, Russ Abbot, Keith Harris, Sheila Ferguson and the Roly Polys. Other names that trip off her tongue are Shirley Bassey, Rod Stewart, Meatloaf, Robbie Williams, Abba and Elvis?.......... Yes not the real ones but the top tribute acts from around the world !!!!

But The Hairoom is focussed on doing the best for the people who need a wig for necessity reasons and Andrea offers each of her clients an individual service

“I like to see people before theystart Chemotherapy it helps see how the clients likes to look, she said “I can match the wigs featuring either man-made fibres or human hair, I can even trim or thin out any wig or hairpiece to suit.” The quality and fittings are so good now that you’d only ever spot a bad wig. If you have a good wig fitted by a professional, nobody would know you were wearing it”

Andrea is also willing to help anyone who has previously made a bad choice of wig.

“Anyone who has a wig left in a cupboard unworn can contact me to see if we can re-style it and prevent it from being a waste of money” – said Andrea. “My restyling service is second to none and a very specialised skill.”

Hairoom is based on the 1st Floor 87-89 Queen Street, Morley – near Leeds in West Yorkshire. They also accept clients from across the UK and have a salon location in Central London and Manchester.

For more information visit – Hairoom is a leading supplier of Alopecia Wigs and Cancer Wigs