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Press Release   •   Aug 28, 2012 11:07 BST

28th August 2012 - If you want a roof rack, this is one thing you need to think about before you buy - the traditional roof rack system, with a stiff plastic or fiberglass roof containers are expensive, and they take up a lot of space - not only that, the roof racks are permanently installed, and there whether you need them or not, creating a visual disturbance and a decrease in mileage.


So when you need a storage solution to add to your vehicle, think HandiWorld for the best vehicle luggage solutions in the UK.


Take their carts, for instance - the logistics of carrying a kayak or canoe for the average city or urban dweller is not so easy, unless you happen to have a large truck with luggage racks built in; but HandiWorld makes a turnkey solution to your kayak needs; first they start with the HandiCart; this stylish, versatile and light cart makes transporting your kayak or canoe from the car to the water's edge that much easier.


The HandiCart uses the unique Camba hemi-spherical wheel technology to make it easier than ever to transport your small boat over rough, uneven terrain - the wheel design is coupled with an axle that is just as advanced, and the whole system works together to make moving your boat easier than ever; when coupled with the HandiRack car roof racks, you will never have to fret over going kayaking or canoeing - it will be a matter of minutes, even with a brand new car, to install the roof rack bars, load the HandiCart and the kayak, and head to the water.


And when you're done, the car roof racks come right off - no fuss, no muss, and no sign that they were even there!


The HandiMoova is another cart, this one is all-purpose and able to handle nearly anything you can throw at it. The HandiMoova reduces physical strain, and also comes with the same Camba wheel and floating axle technology that makes the HandiCart so advanced; this wheel and axle system lets the HandiMoova easily move large objects over rough terrain and even steps and still allows it to maintain extraordinary stability.


The HandiMoova will handle very heavy loads, and it packs away in a matter of moments when you're done - yard tools and plants, camping gear or conference books and materials - whatever you can put in the HandiWorld HandiHoldall you can move with this great, collapsible cart.


So before you buy car roof bars, think about what type of system you really want to sink your money into - one which is very expensive up front, and even more expensive if you decide to switch cars, as most of us do? One where the traditional roof box always takes up as much room at your house as it can hold on the car? Or an advanced system that uses the latest technologies and fabrics to make removable, collapsible vehicle luggage, made with super durable waterproof fabrics and waterproof zippers; do you want metal roof racks screwed to your beautiful car, or the inflatable, stowable and switchable HandiRack system - visit HandiWorld at HandiWorld.com, and see the next generation of vehicle luggage and portable carts today!



roof racks are permanently installed the roof rack bars, load the HandiCart and the kayak, and head to the water.