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Havoc: You become who you surround yourself with so choose wisely!

Press Release   •   Nov 10, 2017 11:18 GMT

Direct sales and marketing specialists, Havoc argue that professionals are influenced by the types of people they surround themselves with.

About Havoc:

Relationships are key when trying to build a network of like-minded people, but they aren't easy to establish. The types of people that professionals surround themselves with has a crucial role to play in their growth both personally and professionally. It is not uncommon for professional relationships to fill a multitude of functions. Havoc believes that it is important to forge positive relationships with like-minded professionals in order to create and maintain a successful business.

Building a network with fellow entrepreneurs and professionals has many obvious benefits. It can help professionals develop new ideas and as well as polish up existing ones, help them concentrate on the crucial aspects of their careers and avoid unproductive practices as well as forming lasting professional partnerships with other companies.

Connecting with other like-minded individuals brings with it an environment of positivity. It’s all too easy to be brought down by others negative outlook and lack of enthusiasm than it is to bring them to your level. Enthusiasm is incredibly contagious. Havoc state that individuals that surround themselves with others with the same high standards, ambition and drive can only inspire and motivate as well as provide a small element of healthy completion.

Building strong relationships is everything that encapsulates a successful business. However, relationships are not forged overnight, and it takes time and effort to build solid, long-lasting business relationships in today's environment.

With this in mind, Havoc recently advised their contractors to look for the following personality types when looking for professionals to build their network with.

The believer: When people start to feel fear and self-doubt creep into their mind, Havoc think it is important for professionals to have a 'believer' who is there to remind them of their capabilities.

The Teacher: The teacher is someone that helps someone learn from their misfortune. A great example of a Teacher is Winston Churchill.

The Pusher: This is someone who pushes people to be better and leads by example.

The thinker: this person takes a moment to gather the facts, organise and analyse them. They typically tend to balance out the dreamers of the world. When other want to rush full-speed ahead, the thinker tends to take a minute to make sure the data makes sense.

The achiever: The Achiever is the photo on the vision board, the motivation when obstacles arise, the mutual celebration when success is close.

“Building a team of like-minded professional individuals is key to our success, we are one cohesive unit, each one of our professionals brings something different to the table. Creating a good network takes time, the environment we have created here has not been established overnight, and we’re always looking for ways to improve and bring the right people in” stated James Sweetland, Managing Director of Havoc. 

At Havoc we work closely with our clients to develop unique marketing campaigns. We take our role very seriously, strategically adapting our services accordingly, to meet the requirements of the consumers and demographic we are working with. We chose to set up base in Manchester as we feel the thriving, forward thinking city reflects our nature and attitude towards marketing.

Our exclusive sales and marketing approach is popular among consumers as our friendly contractors are approachable, passionate and dedicated to making every interaction personal. Long gone are the days of being placed on hold for hours at a time, then finally getting through to someone who doesn’t understand (or care about) what you need – we make sure our customers interact with a real person, face-to-face, making every experience unique and memorable!


James Sweetland, Managing Director


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