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Head To Head With The iPhone 4 White And The Blackberry Bold 9900

Press release   •   Jun 11, 2011 11:50 BST

Despite the likes of HTC and Samsung proving to be the most prolific mobile handset manufacturers there is no argument that the two true big names in this market are Blackberry and Apple. The hugely popular iPhone range has just welcomed it latest model in the shape of the eye catching white iPhone 4 whilst Blackberry have returned to their roots by releasing the Bold 9900, a candy bar styled design that boasts a fascia made up of a Qwerty keypad and a high quality display.

These two models are at totally different ends of the spectrum in terms of physical appearance. Thanks to the lack of physical buttons the iPhone 4 is arguably the best looking phone available. The two sheets of strengthened glass that make up the front and back panels look and feel expensive unlike the plastic or metallic finish found on many other models. Sandwiched between these two sheets is an aluminium strip which contrasts perfectly against the white finish. The extra functionality offered by the Blackberrys keypad is its main downfall in the looks department. Despite some neat styling you cannot help but feel that there simply is not enough room on the front panel for a large screen and a keypad. Thousands of consumers would beg to differ however and this is undoubtedly the best version of this layout that the brand has ever produced and if looks are not high on your list of priorities then this should not pose to much of a problem.

In terms of performance then both of these models are very evenly matched. Opting to stay away from dual core technology the processors are both single core units with the White iPhone 4opting to use an ARM Cortex A8 chip which is part of Apples own A4 chipset that is found in the acclaimed iPad tablet device. This set up also includes an impressive PowerVR SGX535 graphics accelerator which helps make video and graphics look crystal clear and respond at lightning speed. The Blackberry Bold 9900 uses a higher powered Qualcomm 8655 1.2Ghz chip. This extra speed combined with the smaller display on the phone results in a generally faster user experience especially given that there is also access to a higher level of RAM memory. Having said this both phones offer a great level of responsiveness that will not disappoint. The small 2.8 inch screen found on the Bold 9900 offers a high 640 x 480 resolution which for its size is remarkable. If you break this measurement down into pixels displayed per inch it equates to 287. This is however no match for the famous Retina display that the iPhone 4 uses which offers the highest resolution available on its 3.5 inch screen. This figure of 640 x 960 equals 326 pixels per inch which eclipses every other phone currently available.

These are two superb phones from two of the biggest names available. The speed and functionality of the Blackberry Bold 9900 is appealing but the design of the White iPhone 4 together with the excellent range of applications available ensure this will be the phone of choice for many fans.

The White iPhone 4 is available now and the Blackberry Bold 9900 is available soon.

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