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Healer Aurora Alexandru offers Life Coaching And Healing For All Round Wellness

Press release   •   Apr 10, 2013 20:16 BST

Aurora, a spiritual leader and Theta Healer, NLP practitioner and Reiki expert, is helping thousands across the globe, to achieve all round wellness in life by healing and life coaching. When contacted, Aurora said, “It is possible to change beliefs and convictions regarding negative experiences of past and present instantly. The mind and morphogenetic field can be conditioned with the energy that makes possibilities becoming wanted results.”

According to the experts in the field, the beliefs determine the quality of the present  and influence the future experiences. Beliefs that serve us are able to create positive things. Not all beliefs are congruent with what we want to accomplish. When contacted, an expert said, “Aurora Alexandru is able to eliminate negatives thoughts from mind, negative emotions from heart in record time. In a typical session, she is changing two beliefs per minute. That is Huge”.

Sources confirm that Aurora Alexandru is detecting blockages in someone’s energetic body, which could be the result of limiting programming.  She has extensive experience in working with trauma, procrastination and heartbreaks. She specializes in customized sessions for anxiety, depression, weight loss, procrastination and cancer patients. Some of the services she offers include healing, holistic coaching and shamanic journeying among others energetic tools. Aurora Alexandru is able to move into a trance like state – theta brainwaves- at will where she can communicate with Your Higher Self to understand the obstacles in your life. With her help, the damages can start healing, thereby restoring your energy to a neutral level from which you can create positives and maintain the mindset of a leader and winner. Chuck Spezzano, an expert psychologist and author confirmed, “All our heartbreaks and hurts are subconscious communications with messages to significant people.” Aurora Alexandru can see this communications and change their “motto”.

According to her, healing and life coaching can help one start living life as a miracle. The person becomes conditioned in mind and is actually able to make miracles happen, while achieving joy and happiness as well.

About Aurora

Aurora Alexandru is a Florida based healer and life coach. She is certified in Theta healing, Reiki and NLP practioner. Aurora Alexandru has mastered the art of spiritual communication and can use the same to eliminate sorrows of life.

Aurora Alexandru
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