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Hegemonic Enterprise discuss how they plan on keeping their workforce motivated

Press Release   •   Jan 15, 2018 17:02 GMT

Hegemonic Enterprise realises that the sales industry is extremely intense and requires frequent motivation for individuals to succeed.  Hegemonic Enterprise offers its workforce daily doses of motivation to keep them ready for the day. “Positivity comes through sustained motivation,” claims Hegemonic’ Enterprise's Managing Director, Macauley Heseltine. However, it understands that o nce its contractors are out in the field, they are on their own, left to their own devices to motivate themselves. Knowing this it has spent a recent morning meeting discussing how its workforce can sustain motivation throughout the day.

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The firm exclusively discussed the following top three secrets:

Treat the mind and body like a temple

It may sound obvious but Hegemonic Enterprise sticks by the fact that small things like good sleep, healthy food and regular exercise contribute to a motivated individual. Vast amounts of research have gone into this topic, and it seems conclusive that taking care of the mind, body and soul contribute to a competent workforce.

Look for inspiration at all times.

Those who look for inspiration in everything they do often find themselves more committed to their role. Hegemonic Enterprise asks each of its workforces to commit to set goals for the week and work towards them. Mr Heseltine often finds that those who set goals, gain inspiration to continue working if they fulfil those goals during the week. Consequently, he has committed to working through his contractor's goals on a regular basis to make sure they stay enthusiastic.

Don’t focus on things that can't be controlled.

Focusing on things that can't be controlled remains one of the critical barriers dividing those who succeed in sales and those who do not. Hegemonic Enterprise stick by this mantra and believes that if its workforce gets sidetracked thinking about failure during a sales pitch, they may lose motivation for their role. “Those who hold onto past failures often find it hard to move forward,” claims Macauley Heseltine.

Moving forward into 2018, Hegemonic Enterprise is looking forward to watching its workforce develop its ability to create sustained levels of motivation. It will continue to try to provide new and original ways to help its contractors go into the day motivated via morning meetings but is hopeful that these tips will offer its workforce the guidance needed to help boost its clients brand awareness and sales.



Managing Director 

Macauley Heseltine