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Hegemonic Enterprises discuss a recent report on effective leadership

Press Release   •   Jan 10, 2018 15:55 GMT

Hegemonic Enterprises prides itself on generating effective leaders. Over the past year, the firm has perfected its business development model and believes this provides the optimum pipeline for young, inexperienced professionals to blossom into effective leaders. The company has always had a focus on practical leadership but has this week looked into a report released by the Harvard Business Review summarising the essential traits identified by 195 global business leaders. Hegemonic Enterprises has focused on the two top features highlighted by these global leaders and has communicated them to its contractors this week in hopes this will inspire ways to can develop and grow in the future.

Hegemonic Enterprises:

The first and most crucial trait voted for by 56% of these global leaders was the ability to run a business ethically with a focus on making their workforce feel safe. Hegemonic Enterprises believes this demonstrates that individuals consider the ability of someone to create a trusting work environment to be an essential trait of an active leader. The firm is imploring its professionals to utilise transparent forms of communication to express their expectations to others to get everyone on the same page. Once everyone is on the same page, the firm believes contractors respond more positively to an individual as a leader as they feel more comfortable with their authority. Hegemonic Enterprises hopes to train its current workforce to realise that running a business ethically is critical and will be utilising this month's workshops to provide them with tips on this trait.

The second most important trait was the ability to set goals but define them loosely. This may at first sound strange but Hegemonic’ Enterprises' managing director, Macauley Heseltine, strongly supports this point. He argues that when he became a leader, he realised his role should be more as the director rather than a controller. Individuals want the ability to flex their independence. Especially as a leader in the sales industry, where his contractors are self-employed, he believes that direct sales and marketing directors should guide their workforce but not impose themselves too much.

Over the next 12 months, Hegemonic Enterprises will be looking to continue the tradition of developing effective leaders. While the firm is first and foremost a company focused on sales, the business development model focuses on transforming sales professionals into effective leaders and eventually their very own boss. With this focus in mind, the firm is taking the findings of the Harvard Business Review very seriously.


Managing Director - Macauley Heseltine

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