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Hegemonic reveal why building good habits are so crucial to entrepreneurial progression.

Press Release   •   Jan 02, 2018 15:22 GMT

Hegemonic Enterprises are keen proponents that practising good habits is essential to one's progression in sales. The firm has been working on four essential habits they believe their contractors can establish into their routines to ensure they act most professionally. With the New Year looming, Hegemonic understand that their workforce will be looking to revise their habits to allow them to progress. To prepare them for the New Year, the firm has gone through the four primary practices they want to see each of their workforce nurture.

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Ability to uphold an amazing attitude

Those who think more positive about their role are more likely to succeed. An amazing attitude comes from some things but is often down to how one goes into their day. Are they well prepared? Have they slept? Are they enthusiastic about their role? Hegemonic want each of their workforce to be answering yes to each of these every day, so they can observe them come into work with a consistently amazing attitude.

Maintaining an amazing attitude

Coming into work with a positive attitude is one thing, but Hegemonic believe true success stems from a contractors ability to maintain a positive attitude throughout the day. They think that taking short but useful breaks, keeping a proper diet and rewarding oneself for success are habits that will, overall, allow each of their contractors to maintain the positive/amazing attitude they come into work with.

Challenging oneself

This habit is at the core of Hegemonic’s business structure. They argue that those who can challenge themselves throughout the day consistently will progress quicker in the industry. For instance, the managing director, Macauley Heseltine used the example of how he exceeded his sales targets by targeting new demographics in the field, by exposing himself to the challenge of facing people he was not used to selling he found he could make more sales.

Being Organised

The organisation is another core value the firm believes should be seen as a staple habit to nurture. By having a clear plan in the day, a contractor is set up with what they need to get done and can work more efficiently.

The New Year spells an exciting time for Hegemonic as they look to expand theirs operates into new territories. With these four habits in place, Hegemonic are confident they will begin to see an improvement in their sales in 2018.


Macauley Heseltine

Managing Director