High performance synthetic metalworking fluid for Sliding Head CNC machines launched in UK

Press Release   •   Feb 29, 2012 12:40 GMT

OLEOGREEN ESN 10 has been formulated using the latest advanced biodegradable ester based technology and is ideal for use in Sliding Head CNC machines like Star, Citizen and Tornos machines.

Todays sliding-head CNC machines are designed for high speed operation and improved surface finish, but some neat cutting oils aren’t capable of the performance required to achieve these benefits. 

Using conventional mineral oil cutting fluids on high performance sliding-head CNC machines can cause various problems like: overheating, poor tool life, smoke and fume production, and even fires.

OLEOGREEN ESN 10 can help you overcome all these issues

            Features                                                           Benefits

  • Non toxic                                                            Improved  health and safety
  • high chemical stability                                        Long lasting
  • high lubricating features                                     Improved tool life and surface finish
  • absence of oil mist and fumes                           Improved health and safety       
  • self-extinguishing features                                 Reduced fire risk
  • multimetal compatibility                                     Rationalised fluid

OLEOGREEN ESN 10 is specifically formulated to achieve improvements in the working environment by reduction of oil mist formation in the workshop and of oil fumes in the cutting zone. Use of specific synthetic esters instead of conventional mineral base oils, combined with specialised EP lubricity additives, enables the cutting fluid to achieve very high cutting performances.

OLEOGREEN ESN 10 cutting fluid is totally composed from selected natural synthetic esters and is mineral oil free, thus removing some of the possible risks for operators using mineral oils.

As OLEOGREEN ESN 10 is a lower viscosity than most neat cutting oils the dragout on your swarf can be much lower, which more than covers the difference in the cost of the product and continues to provide longer term savings.

Tools and machines will now be able to work at optimum speeds and feeds and  tool life can even triple on some operations, especially on difficult materials.

There are further savings on the machines' bag filters, which do not clog nearly as frequently as when using mineral oil products


Visual Aspect                            VISUAL                         clear liquid

Colour                                      ASTM D 1500                1

Density @ 15°C                         ASTM D 1298                0.883 kg/dm 3

Viscosity @ 40°C                      ASTM D 445                 10 cSt

Flash point (COC)                      ASTM D 92                   >210°C

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