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Press release   •   Dec 19, 2011 13:08 GMT

Any type of burglary can be distressing, but when it is on your own home it becomes a lot more personal and can leave you feeling vunerable and insecure. You not only have the loss of your possessions and any related damage, but the feeling that some has been through your belongings to deal with. Most people don’t have the luxury of being able to afford 24 hour security guards to protect their property and therefore turn to other methods such as CCTV Surveillance.

It has been well documented that domestic burglary crime rates in the UK are on the up, and CCTV security systems are therefore becoming increasingly popular. This demand is driving the price of a home security system down, and the decision on whether to install a home CCTV security system is now becoming an easier, cheaper, more practical choice. Even insurance companies are recognising this and you’ll often find that your home insurance premiums can be reduced as a direct result of installing a system.

We can help you by installing internal and external CCTV cameras and recording equipment at your home for extra security and peace of mind whether you are away on holiday or at home alone. We can provide both hard-wired and wireless systems, black and white or colour, optional night vision and even built in audio capability. You can monitor your multiple cameras and help protect vulnerable areas of your property such as back gardens, vehicles and any gates you may have. A useful addition to the home CCTV security system would a camera aimed at the front door to allow you to see who is at the door before opening it. To see some further examples of why it is beneficial to install a CCTV system, please visit our CCTV North East website.

Burglars look for tell tale signs on houses for whose owners are away e.g curtains always open or drawn, no house lights on at night, mail piled up at the front door, so if you are away a lot on business or your house will be left unoccupied for a period of time then your CCTV North East system can be invaluable. If you live in an remote area or have large surrounding land to your house then this also leaves you vulnerable and you should certainly have some kind of security system installed.

Most of the time potential burglars will simply see a CCTV system in place and just move on to an easier target as the risk of being recorded and identified is too big a risk for them. If you are still unlucky enough to experience a break-in, then you have the added benefit of being able to hand the recorded video over to the police, for them to track down and use as evidence in court to prosecute the offender(s).

You can use your CCTV security system for multiple uses too, so as well as recording any intruders or trespassers you can monitor visitors and other people such as any babysitters, cleaners or gardeners that you employ.

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