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Press Release   •   Feb 24, 2011 10:52 GMT

London, UK, 2/21/11: The days of wandering all around the street searching for shops and restaurants are gone. Now the products and services are delivered at the customer’s door step. There are only a few delivery planning software and delivery scheduling software available in the markets. delivery scheduling software is used to feed all the information about the client, time, date and the product to be delivered. Delivery Planning Software prepares the delivery plans, schedule, delivery regions and zones and finally delivery ticket.

Ogdopus offers mobile apps helping delivery. It can help a company to know where the customers are and clients can also know when the products are delivered to them. For the company it is beneficiary as it helps to plan the schedule and co-ordinate with the back office for the movement of products. These apps make it cheaper to track and serve customers. It can be used in standard Android Smart Phones like HTC and Samsung and tablet computers. Ogdopus can also act as proof of delivery software tool that can track the movement of the delivery of a product. This home delivery software aims at small and medium delivery companies. Ogdopus helps such companies to manage to get the contact addresses in United Kingdom and United States.

Ogdopus has two parts. One is Android app that is used by the delivery driver. The app runs on all standard Android Smartphones and tablet computers by manufacturers such as HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Dell and Archos. Another part is back office. It is a web-based system that helps the staff to handle the whole Ogdopus system for the company. This is hosted in internet. With login details, staff of a company can access from anywhere and in any browser. Staff can identify the exact location of the delivery vehicles. This information can further be transferred to customers. The apps can be activated within half hour and the pay is according to subscription plans.

Any of the small businesses can find this software beneficial in many ways like the cost savings and business process optimisation that is brought by Ogdopus. Cake shops, florists, door to door courier, repair shops, maintenance companies, food chains, corner stores, fruit shops, furniture shop etc are some of the home delivery businesses that can benefit from Ogdopus.

About Ogdopus.com

Ogdopus is a home delivery software providing delivery planning software and delivery scheduling software. Ogdopus is a joint effort of two companies- Software Associates and Kurago Ltd. Software Associates is a well-known software product developer. Kurago Ltd is a new business automation systems and outsourcing company based in London.

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