Marcel Schreur

"Home of Inspiration" Art exhibition coming to Brussels during the European Elections.

Press Release   •   May 06, 2014 09:23 BST

Mas.s, the original Dutch artist, has been invited to bring the "Home of Inspiration" art exposition to Brussels. The Chapel for Europe, in the heart of the European Quarter, between the European Parliament and the European Commission is the perfect platform for this multilayered solo exposition of contemporary art. Celebrating "Unity in the Diversity". The visitor will await an array of topics, contrasts and colours. Paving the way for a better understanding.

His work touches upon spiritual and social issues. You will also be able to see his landscapes, portraits and abstracts. More then 25 paintings will be on show. An extraordinary blend of diversity, contrast, colour, light and positivity. His work has been compared with Van Gogh, Picasso and Kandinsky amongst others but art historians in Italy and Sweden find his work to be unique in its own right, finding his own niche. Earning him a prize by the European Federation of Art Critics amongst other acclamations.

For this special occasion he has made a special artwork. He says: "The Chapel for Europe is a centre for ecumenism. Ecumenism is a movement promoting unity in between all the Christian denominations. There is a realisation that in order to achieve unity, every single stream is to bow their head and bend their knees for the common Good. Complementing each other in diversity. Humility and respect being the main pillars. Seeking and finding the only way forward. I visualised the 3 primary branches in my work." He goes on: "The same call can be applied for Europe and these important European elections seeking unity in the diversity. Complementing each other. An enormous challenge but also an enormous opportunity. It is a journey.  Aiming for the horizon, to keep going and never give up." 

The inauguration of the exhibition will be on Wednesday night the 14th of may and an introductory talk will be given by the Artist. The Exhibition will be from the 14th of May until the 14th of June. Opening times in weekdays from 11am to 3pm. And admission is free.

Address: Chapel For Europe, Rue van Maerlant 22,  Brussels

More info:,_Brussels , or

Mas.s works and lives in London.

Mas.S is my artist name.  I have  found the creativity to express myself through the following paintings. I have painted the beauty of this world and  some elementary topics in society at large in a new, fresh and colourful way. I hope you like it. Love, Mas.s